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Product recall

At Thule Group, we always put safety and quality first when it comes to the development and production of our products.

We perform extensive tests on all our products at our global test center in Hillerstorp, Sweden, to ensure that they meet all global industry standards and local regulations. If, despite this, we find safety deficiencies or become aware of something that turns out to be a potential risk, it is our policy to inform our customers and consumers about the deficiency as soon as possible.

May 2021

Product recall of the Tepui Hybox, Tepui Hybox Wedge, Thule Tepui HyBox and Thule Tepui HyBox Wedge due to the risk of the tent becoming detached from the vehicle’s roof

Product recall of Thule Sleek stroller due to the handlebar potentially detaching from the stroller frame
March 2020

Product recall of Thule Sleek Car Seat Adapter for Chicco® #11000301 due to potential breakage
May 2016

Product recall of Thule Sprint 528, 569 and 569000 due to a defect related to motor vehicle safety
August 2013

Product recall of Thule Chariot due to a potential failure of the Hitch Arm and/or VersaWing 2.0 when used as a bike trailer