Thule backpacking backpacks

Travel backpacks

Thule backpacking backpacks help you carry your gear comfortably to the end of the trail. And they’re fully customizable to fit you perfectly.
On top of a hill, a kid stands with her arms out, as two woman walk towards her with travel backpacks.

Push all the way to the end

Our backpacking backpacks are durable, cleverly designed, and comfortable – even for weeklong treks. These travel backpacks are customizable when you buy them and adjustable during use to perfectly fit your body and your gear. Leaving you free to enjoy your trek and fully experience the great outdoors.


With Thule’s backpacking backpacks, you always get:

  • Men's backpacks that are designed to better fit male necks and hips
  • Women's backpacks to suit female necks and torsos as well as specially contoured for hips
  • Customizable backpacks for your torso length and your shoulders
  • Smart, ergonomic, and breathable design for comfort and ease of use even over long distances 
A close-up picture of how to use a feature on one of the travel backpacks.

Hit the trail with the perfect fit

On a long trek over several days or longer, there’s nothing worse than carrying an uncomfortable backpack or having to sacrifice gear so it becomes bearable. With Thule backpacking backpacks a lot of work has gone into the design and the available range to ensure you can always choose the pack that’s right for your body and can adjust it during the journey to better handle the load. Choose from a range of different capacities, male or female designs, and different hipbelt sizes. Then adjust the travel backpack for your torso length and fine-tune during your adventure.

A close-up picture of how to use the hip belt on one of the travel backpacks.

Tough, smart, ergonomic, and breathable design

With proven materials and designs that have been put to the test, Thule backpacking backpacks are built to last. They also include many smart solutions to store and organize your gear and water. But, most importantly these travel backpacks are comfortable – with suspension systems to transfer weight onto your hips, pivoting hipbelts that move with your natural movements, and breathable back panels that give you padding as well as cooling air.