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Garrett McNamara

Big wave surfer

The man, the myth, the legend

Born: USA
Year of birth: 1967
Family: Wife Nicole and 4 children
Lives today: Hawaii, USA and Nazaré, Portugal
Achievements: Guinness World Record holder of biggest wave ever surfed
Goal in life: Keep surfing!

The biggest wave ever surfed

Growing up his family didn’t have much. The ocean was the one place he could go to leave all his worries behind. The ocean has become his church, his play ground and his office. His motto is “it’s never too early and never too late to find your passion and live your dreams” Garrett is a walking example that everything is possible if you set your mind to it!

Keep surfing

When Garrett was 32 he gave up his dreams of surfing professionally. He was so miserable driving to a regular job everyday so he wrote down his goal and everything he had to do to make it happen. At the top of the paper he wrote “keep surfing “! To do that he knew he had to win the Jaws World Cup. He trained and trained and focused and when the day came he and his partner, although nervous and scared, managed to win 1st place. That was enough to quit his job and go back to surfing full time.

The power of the sea and the power of love

“The day I married my wife and the birth of my children surpass any wave I have ever caught!”

– Garrett McNamara

"The world was lent to us by our parents. It’s up to us to be responsible and to leave a healthy environment for our children."

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