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We can all contribute to make this world a better place

Thule Pathos initiative is about how we in Thule Group engage in the world around us. It’s about values that Thule employees and friends of Thule share. It’s a part of the Thule philosophy and a part of our daily work. It’s a part of the brand, a part of the core values and a way of thinking. And it’s a way of caring for the world.

Thule Group has chosen to support several different initiatives around the world that friends of ours have founded or engaged themsleves in. There’s a strong belief in the human being and that everyone can contribute with something to make this world a better place. Thule shares the passion with the people who lead the way and actually make it happen.

Thule Crew ambassador Pedro Oliva, the white water kayak adventurer from Brazil, has dedicated his time and effort to studying the function of waterfalls in the ecosystem by paddling along a 1100 km long river collecting hundreds of thousands water data samples. Another friend of Thule, American downhill mountain bike freerider Chris Van Dine, reached out to Thule to get support in helping the children of Latin and South America to choose a life with bikes instead of a life full of crime and violence. Thule shares legendary big wave surfer Garrett McNamara’s belief that the world was lent to us by our parents. And that it’s up to us to be responsible and to leave a healthy environment for our children. Thule is also proud to support Apa Sherpa, the man who holds the world record of reaching the summit of Mount Everest most times, in his work to offer children of Nepal an education.

But Thule Pathos is not only about major initiatives and massive projects. It’s about the everyday life. An attitude. And a way of living.


Pedro Oliva

Pedro Oliva is the Bear Gryll of Brazil and lives a life full of adventures. But he also wants to use his knowledge from being an extreme athlete and jumping down a 40 meter high waterfall to studying the function of waterfalls in the eco system.

Apa Sherpa

Apa Sherpa is a legendary mountain guide from Thame, Nepal. He’s called the Michael Jordan of Mount Everest and the Tiger of the Himalayas. Apa holds the record of having reached the summit of Mount Everest the most times in the world.

Garrett McNamara

Garrett GMAC McNamara is the legendary big wave surfer who’s still holding the Guinness World record of biggest wave ever surfed, in Nazaré 2011.

Chris Van Dine

Chris’s favorite moments are the vicarious ones. Standing on podiums and stages is wonderful, but the sheer amazement and joy that sweeps over the face of a child riding on two wheels for the first time is something else.


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“My true inspirations are nature and people that push boundaries and think beyond the norms.“

This is Thule

Whether it’s exploring the spectacular nature of the great outdoors or traveling the world with family and friends, we all have a passion for enjoying an active life.