Multisport bike trailers

Multisport and bike trailers

Thule multisport and bike trailers are more than just trailers for 1 or 2 kids. Stylish, safe and very versatile, you can bike, stroll, jog, hike or ski.

Thule Chariot Cougar multisport bike trailer with strolling kit

Thule Chariot Cougar special offer

Thule Chariot Cougar is an all-round multisport trailer for the active family. Bike, stroll, jog, hike, or cross-country ski, all year round! Thule Chariot Cougar is available in a single or double version and comes with a bicycle trailer kit.

Buy a Thule Chariot Cougar before August 31, 2016, and we’ll include a strolling kit. Offer valid at selected e-tailers:


Multisport bike trailers

Safety first. And last.

Both our multisport and our bike trailers are designed and built for performance on the road and even rough terrain. Your child will always enjoy stability and comfort with a suspension that smoothens the ride and protection from the elements. And you can rest assured that every Thule bicycle trailer satisfies the most stringent child and road safety standards with features such as a 5-point safety harness ensuring your child is sitting securely. So you’re both free to enjoy life in the fresh air.

Multisport bike trailers

What’s your style? What color? 1 or 2 kids?

Thule bike trailers and multisport trailers come in a range of different models from more rugged designs for everyday activities and urban use to high-performance models for the active outdoor family. Once you choose the style that’s right for you, there is a choice of high-visibility but tasteful colors. And models that will seat two kids so that everyone can come along for the ride. Explore the range and find the Thule bike trailer that’s perfect for you.