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We've made Mother Nature our business

We believe Thule products should have as little impact on the environment as possible. Not just because it's the right thing to do. Thule's entire existence depends on a healthy outdoor environment in which you, our customer, can enjoy an active lifestyle.

Focus on improvement

To keep lowering our impact on the environment, we decided on five tangible focus areas that will help us target our activities and measure our progress from one year to the next: Product, Energy, Water, Waste & Recycling, and Responsible Sourcing & Logistics.

We're known for stylish, safe product design and innovation, but we also have the environment in mind. From design and materials, to manufacturing, function, repair and recycling – everything comes into play when we look for ways to lower a product's environmental impact over its lifetime. And one of the best ways is to simply extend the lifetime with quality that lasts and lasts – however demanding your active life.

Energy powers everything we do. But we're focused on reducing the amount we consume and making more of it renewable.

An increasingly precious resource, we limit water consumption in our manufacturing and our offices. By implementing closed-loop processes in manufacturing, we minimize the amount of wastewater and make sure our wastewater has as little impact as possible.

Waste & Recycling

We reduce physical waste during manufacturing, and we also work hard to increase the amount of waste we recycle.

Responsible Sourcing & Logistics
From our suppliers all the way to you, the customer, we choose smart, caring solutions to bring you your Thule products. One of the key ways to reduce our environmental footprint is to work with our suppliers and together drive improvements.

Find out more
Visit Thule Group's Environmental Sustainability page, where you can also download the Thule Group Environmental Report and read more about our environmental work. And If you have any comments or feedback on our environmental work, please e-mail us at:
Thule environment

Get the full picture – explore the Thule Group Environmental Report! Packed with news, facts, stories, interviews and inspiration.