A car driving down a road along a river, with a Thule Arcos cargo box mounted on the back.

Thule Arcos – the hard-shell cargo box for the back of your car

Thule Arcos gives you lots of loading space with easy access – at the rear of your car. Keep the roof free to minimize wind resistance or to carry other loads. Or just spare your back from having to lift gear onto the car roof. This premium, hard-shell cargo carrier is easily attached to the towbar. The box has a low profile so that you can still access the trunk of your car at any time.

Durable and easy-to-use cargo carrier
Thule Arcos is durable and tough enough to protect your load from dirt and water. The hard-shell exterior makes Thule Arcos robust and stable. It is a great choice for vehicles where roof boxes cannot be used – and it might just be the perfect cargo carrier for electric cars. Thule Arcos is launched in the beginning of 2023.

A woman and her two children loading a car with bags and packages in the trunk and in a Thule Arcos cargo box.

Easy access to the trunk

The rear-mounted position makes it convenient to load and unload your cargo – and you can easily access the trunk of your car at any time. This makes loading and unloading of gear in the trunk convenient.
A white electric vehicle drives with a Thule Arcos towbar cargo carrier.

Aerodynamic and streamlined design

A modern design language makes Thule Arcos a natural extension of the car, while simultaneously reducing drag.
A woman attaching a Thule Arcos cargo box on the towbar of a car that is parked next to the ocean.

Easy to attach the cargo box to the car

Thule Arcos is easily attached to the towbar of your car.
A close up of a Thule Arcos cargo box on a car parked in green nature.

Protects your gear at all times

Thule Arcos is tough and weather resistant, with a hard-shell exterior that protects your cargo against the elements.

A rear-of-car cargo solution will take you and your gear further

With an aerodynamic rear-of-car cargo solution, you can bring all your gear without compromising on the range of your electric car.

Cost-saver and space-maker
Even if you drive a smaller vehicle, it is possible to transport your family and all your gear. Our rear cargo boxes turn your car - electric or ICE - into a perfect family car where you can store the packing you need for your vacation trips.

Leaves space on the roof racks for other sports carriers
By placing your cargo at the rear, the roof of your vehicle is free to carry other things. With a roof rack system or a roof platform from Thule, you can easily bring bikes, kayaks, canoes or other gear you want to bring for your trips.

Easy to load and unload
A woman and a child loading a Thule Arcos cargo box with packages, while the car is parked on a driveway.
Great aerodynamics takes you further
A car driving along a river with surrounding mountains with a Thule Arcos cargo box mounted on the  back
Turn a small vehicle into a family adventure car!
A man unloading his backpack from a Thule Arcos cargo box while the car is parked in front of a lake during sunset.
Versatile - leaves space on the vehicle’s roof for other gear
A car driving down a road at sunset with a Thule Arcos cargo box on the back and Thule bike racks on the top carrying a surfboard and bike.

A sketch of a car with a Thule Arcos cargo box mounted on the back.

Of course, our roof boxes are designed to be streamlined, but even the most streamlined roof box causes a certain level of wind drag because of its position on the roof. But the back of the car is a place almost without wind resistance, so a rear cargo carriers can even have a negative wind drag! This means that you can actually get further with the same amount of gas or electricity as a vehicle with a roof cargo box.
- Henrik Eriksson, Director of Design at Thule

Thule Arcos is launching in the beginning of 2023

A woman and two children standing by a lake, while a man unloads bags from a Thule Arcos cargo box mounted on the back of a car.