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Martin McFly Winkler

Freeskier, film producer and mountain guide

Fast facts

Lives: Vorarlberg, Austria
Passion: Keeping the right balance in life
Work: Expert commentator on the Freeride World Tour and film producer
Lifestyle: Living out of my bags chasing snow
Plan for the future: Following his passions and keeping the right balance in life.
Proudest moment: Choosing the path of my life as a professional freeskier

Proudest moment

No idea if I can be proud of it or not, but I am definitely happy about the most important life-decision that I made many years ago. It was the time when the term “professional skier”, except for ski racers, only fitted for a handful of people on the planet. I remember it was while hiking and skiing the Braunarlspitz, one of the highest mountains in my region, just before reaching the summit, that I asked myself: Isn’t this what you want to do for the rest of your life? I said: Yes. No sane person would have advised me to follow that path. But since then skiing and my role in it has evolved and it’s getting more and more exciting.

Chasing the powder

McFly’s life is split in 2 seasons. In the wintertime he’s working on projects mainly living out of his bags chasing snow. Whereas summertime is a time for recharging the batteries with family life at home.

Inspired by nature

Basically his life is all about being active, inspired by nature and sharing experiences with friends. Life offers so much. It was never possible for him to dedicate himself to one thing only. This fact resulted in him following his passions for skiing, surfing, travelling, photography, film and music.

"It's all about being active, inspired by nature and sharing it with friends."

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