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Child bike seat

Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini

Lightweight and stylish front-mounted child bike seat with smart design for rides around town.


  • Maximum child comfort and a safe, custom fit thanks to the adjustable padded 5-point harness
  • Provides a smooth ride for your child in the soft and shock-absorbing seat
  • Lightweight yet sturdy seat combining a hard outer shell with soft padding for premium child comfort
  • Very quick, easy, and convenient securing of your child with the magnetic childproof safety buckle
  • Ensures a perfect fit as your child grows thanks to adjustable foot rests and foot straps
  • Your child can place their hands on the comfortable handle bar during the ride
  • Seat can be mounted/dismounted from bike in seconds with the universal quick-release bracket, fitting both normal and ahead stems
  • Easy to clean and to keep dry due to the seat’s water-repellent materials
  • Designed and tested for children from 9 months* to 3 years old, up to 33 lbs/15 kg.*Consult a pediatrician for children under 1 year old.

Technical specifications

Weight capacity 33 lb
Weight 4.2 lb
Safety harness 5-point
Meets safety standards  ✓ 
Color Vibrant Orange
Model number 12080105
Spare parts



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Seat and bracket are great...but make sure it fits!


We bought this seat and an extra adapter so that we could easily move the seat between bikes. It definitely serves that purpose, but we did have some issues with 2 of our bikes. All of our bikes have threadless 1 1/2"/1 1/8" tapered steer tubes (like pretty much all current mountain bikes) and multiple headset spacers. The spacing between the bolts on the adapter is about 35 mm, and two of our bikes the OD of the spacers is 36 mm. Therefore we had to source thinner headset spacers to accommodate installation. So measure the diameter of your headset spacers before ordering to ensure it will fit. Better yet if you can find it locally, bring in your bike to check the fit before buying. Otherwise, the quality of the seat is great. On a MTB, it will impact your pedaling in almost all cases (knees will probably hit it), but I've ridden hours with it and find it fine.


Ontario, Canada


Changed my rides.


After reading the reviews I was worried that this seat would not work with a high end mountain bike. I took a chance and it does. Perfectly. HOWEVER, if you have cut your fork steerer too short you will have nothing to clamp onto. I typically don't cut my steerers since I like to use spacers to adjust my stem height depending on the terrain I'll be riding. I simply had to remove a few spacers and slam my stem and it clamped on perfectly. It's light and very well designed. My boy absolutely loves it. To the point where I have to sneak out of the house to go on solo daddy rides...which is o.k. cause I usually have to sneak out to avoid his mom :) The only downside to the seat is that you can only really pedal seated. This is fine though since it's not designed for real rough off road use and you likely shouldn't be doing that with a kid small enough to fit in the seat anyway. I have a dropper post on my bike and that makes life a lot easier when it comes to getting on / off the bike and then getting into a good pedaling position. When my child is bigger and can hang on to the bars and take commands I'll likely switch to a MacRide unless Thule brings out a similar product by then.


Calabasas, California


I love this seat


I just want to first comment about the reviews I read on this site. First of all, if I bought this online, and tried to do it my self I would have been frustrated that I could not do the installation myself. I was lucky enough to buy one at my local bike shop and have the owner install it for me. My bike was not compatible with this bike seat. He first put a bike rack on the rear of my bike, which required some drilling and some extra clamps. Then installed the adapter, and the seat fit on to the adapter. Thank god for Joaquine at Gonzo cycles in Carpinteria because other wise I would be owning a very expensive bike seat with no use. Every day we got out is an absolute joy. I love this seat and feel the very thick rubber it is made out of is very comfortable and safe for my first born princess. I want the front seat just for my dog.


Santa Barbara California


Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini

3.7 6