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Best MTB trails in North America South America and Europe

Best MTB trails in North America, South America and Europe

Mountain biking is all about the feeling of freedom – to load your bike on your car, escape your everyday routine and feel the adrenaline rush through your body! It doesn’t matter if you are an extreme mountain biker or at the beginning of your journey, mountain biking is a lifestyle that you share with others.

These unique destinations all over the world will challenge and inspire you!

Best MTB trails in North America South America and Europe

403 to 401 – Crested Butte, Colorado

Many riders consider Crested Butte to be the birthplace of modern mountain biking, so it’s no surprise that the trail system there is world-class. Both 401 and 403 trails are classics, and we think it’s best to link them together for 18 miles of high octane pedaling.

The flow on these trails is all natural without any machine-made berms, so you’ll enjoy rolling terrain, some steep cornering and no shortage of high-elevation climbs. Get ready to rip through fields of wildflowers so tall you’ll feel them tapping you on your handlebars as you head to the bottom of the trail.

Best MTB trails in North America South America and Europe

A-Line – Whistler, British Columbia

A-line, the best-known run in Whistler Bike Park, has been a go-to for serious riders for over 21 years now. The evolution of this trail from simple singletrack to purpose-built flow is often credited as the trendsetter for the types of trails found in many downhill bike parks and local trail systems today.

A-line may be wide and smooth, but its big tabletop jumps are not for beginners. So, if you’re looking for something a little more intermediate, without any mandatory gap jumps or drop-offs, head to B-line to build up your confidence.

Best MTB trails in North America South America and Europe

The Kingdom Trails – East Burke, Vermont

For riders in Northeast US and Southeast Canada, it doesn’t get much better than the Kingdom Trails in northern Vermont. With over 100 miles of trails, this system was founded 25 years ago through a unique collaboration of over 97 landowners who have generously allowed for the creation, maintenance and public use of these trails on their private property.

This network has something for every ability level and the trails are well-marked for easy access and navigation. If you enjoy riding these trails on your bike, consider coming back in the winter with your XC ski setup for some more Type II fun.

Best MTB trails in North America South America and Europe

The Whole Enchilada – Moab, Utah

Full transparency: the Whole Enchilda is primarily a shuttle serviced ride and while not everyone may consider it a top ride because of that, we think it’s just too epic to ignore. The complete ride consists of 35 miles and 8,000 vertical feet of descent, so shuttle service aside, the ride down is certainly no picnic.

This ride is so vast, that it will take you through more than one ecosystem, starting in the high alpine and finishing in the red rock desert, alongside the Colorado River. Not a bad idea to bring a GoPro if you want to catch all the scenery, because it’s a sensory overload at times. This ride has become one of the premiere destinations in Moab, so get ready for some crowds if you pick a peak time to do it.

Best MTB trails in North America South America and Europe

Alps Epic Trail Davos – Graubünden, Switzerland

Looking to plan a next level MTB adventure? Check out Graubunden, one of the most popular mountain biking destinations in Switzerland thanks to thousands of kilometers of trails. One of the best-known trails in this region, the Alps Epic Trail Davos, was crowned an IMBA Epic Trail in 2014 designating it one of the best in the world.

This 28-mile ride is the longest singletrack in Switzerland. Get to the top of Jakobshorn by train and from there it’s a short climb to the beginning of the singletrack. This flowy ride will take you through alpine meadows and forested valleys, even offering a variety of places to refuel or have a coffee break.

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