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5 Best destinations for cycling and road riding 

The quest for that perfect stretch of road is something every road cyclist can relate to.  For some it’s a – quite literally – breathtaking mountain pass and for others it’s a winding cruise next to a lake or on the coast. Whatever you prefer, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite road rides to help you plan your next sufferfest. 

Route 100 – Vermont, US 

Recognized as one of the most scenic highways in the northeastern US, Route 100 will have you pedaling through quaint towns in Vermont and up steep, green mountain climbs with the promise of fast descents just over the horizon.  While you can plan routes of any length along this road, for experienced riders looking for a serious challenge, the 200-on-100 ride starts at the Canadian border and runs the length of the state to the Massachusetts line.  Wherever you choose to ride along Route 100, you’ll be guaranteed some classic New England beauty from spring to the fall. 

Muir Woods Loop – California, US

Marin County offers up some of the most beautiful landscapes in California and its proximity to San Francisco makes it a popular cycling destination for a lot of city dwellers looking for an easy retreat.  The Muir Woods loop is a 13.1 mile ride popular with cyclists of all levels.  The ride may seem intimidating to newer riders with over 2,000 ft of climbing, but the elevation gain is slow, making it manageable for many ability levels.  The ride winds through Muir Woods National Park and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, eventually taking you up Highway 1 along the coast.  From massive old-growth redwood trees to spectacular ocean views, this ride has something for everyone to love.

Skyline Drive – Virginia, US

The Skyline Drive Highway is a 105 mile stretch of road that runs through Shenandoah National Park in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.  This road is definitely geared towards experienced cyclists as many of the amazing 360-degree views are only made possible by pedaling to the top of the nearly 20 categorized climbs.  If you plan to do the full ride in one day, pack accordingly, but if you prefer to take your time, break it up into two days and spend a night at one of the lodging options along the route. 

Peak to Peak Highway – Colorado, US

The Peak to Peak highway is Colorado’s oldest scenic byway that serves up an epic 65-mile ride starting at Estes Park and finishing in Black Hawk.  Get your lungs ready though because this ride takes place mostly between 7,500 and 10,000 ft above sea level.  Colorado’s weather is notorious for changing in the blink of an eye, so planning this ride for late summer or early fall should provide some warm weather and might even give you a glimpse of the changing colors in the mountains. 

Route Verte – Quebec, Canada

Quebec is one of Canada’s most bike friendly provinces and Route Verte offers more than 3,100 miles of interconnected and well-marked cycling and multi-use trails and roads.  This network of riding paths consists of 61% on-road surfaces, so make sure you look closely at your route beforehand to figure out if you need any sort of tread on your tires.  Speaking of planning, if you’re looking to string together a multi-day ride, we’d recommend using one of the local bike touring resources to put together an itinerary that works well for you and your bike. 


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