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Houseless, not homeless! Aline Bock, world champion in snowboard freeriding, is realizing a longstanding dream of living and traveling in a van decked out with all her sports equipment, discovering new places and meeting new people. Follow her on #alinevanlifeaction.

The passion for traveling has been with her since the cradle. Her whole family has always loved to be outdoors, searching out the next adventure. “Living in a van to me is ultimate freedom,” Aline explains, “living in the moment and in the pursuit of something wild and new; to go where you want without regret or restraint.” So. She took the plunge and moved all her belongings into a storage unit, and now she’ll travel in her van for a few months, or at least until the first big snowfall arrives in the alps. There might be downtimes filled with loneliness or boredom, but she hopes she will find purpose and joy in every little obstacle on her journey. Sure she’s a little nervous, but she’s massively excited more than anything else. First stop — avoiding the crowds in Scandinavia!

“The feeling of freedom. Waking up in front of the sea, drinking that first cup of coffee while listening to the waves.”

Aline loves to travel the world and explore places she’s never been. She drives her van from surf spot to surf spot and makes sure she reaches the best places in the mountains to find fresh powder as soon as the winter season arrives.

Aline is a professional snowboarder and a passionate surfer, one whose soul craves new experiences, travel and adventure. It is no surprise then, that she needs to be outdoors — in the mountains or at the ocean — where she can meet people with the same passion for sports, nature and the environment. After their “Way North” film project (shot in Norway), Aline and freeskier Lena Stoffel looked to more distant horizons for their next meaningful and unique film adventure. Fully equipped with their splitboards and surfboards, they set off in search of Japanese powder and perfect waves, with the underlying goal of understanding and communicating the reality of post-Fukushima life in Japan. The new film project, the sequel to “Way North”, is titled “Way East” and it took them on a several thousand kilometer journey of surf, snow and camping around Hokkaido. They produced the film themselves so, in Aline’s words, “there is a great sense of pride that comes along with this project, as well as it being one of the best and most inspiring adventures I have ever had”.

Aline travels the world exploring new places and sharing her passion with new and old friends. Her passion for surfing is almost as big as it is for snowboarding and every year she has multiple film production adventures, combining the two. Her and Lena Stoffel’s films “Way North” and “Way East” have played at all the major surf film festivals around the world.

Aline Bock: “Everything happens for a reason, good things fall apart, so better things can fall together!”


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Aline Bock

Aline Bock is a World Champion in Snowboard freeriding and travels from country to country to find the very best snow conditions and the best waves to surf. We follow her adventures.


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Aline Bock

Surfboarder and snowboard freerider