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The best stroller accessories for a day out

Finding the best stroller accessories can help make a long day out easier!

So, what stroller accessories do I need? Well, that all depends on your plans. Here are some of the best stroller accessories that can help you maximize the use of your Thule stroller and make the most out of your day in the sun – all while keeping your kids comfortable.

In this article we recommend:

Stroller accessories for city strollers

Navigating your way through tight, crowded spaces is easy with the Thule Shine city stroller. Its compact size makes sure you can get through narrow doors or between tables at your local café. Lightweight yet sturdy, the stroller guarantees maximum comfort for your kid when you zip around town.

During the summer, a summer seat liner helps add extra comfort, but is still lightweight and made of breathable materials to help your child stay cool. It can also be easily removed and washed if your child happens to spill something in the stroller.

The all-weather cover provides UV protection, and shields them from rain, wind and insects (because you never know when the weather might turn). All Thule strollers have corresponding mesh covers and rain covers for wind, rain or shine.

If you’re going around town with your child in the winter, a cozy footmuff helps them stay warm. The Thule Stroller Footmuff has an interior lining to protect the inside from dirty shoes. The large zip opening can also be unzipped slightly if your child gets too warm.

Explore new outdoor spots with your toddler

If you enjoy doing outdoor activities with your toddler in the city, it is crucial to find a stroller that is easy to maneuver in crowded spaces but can also perform on rougher terrain. The Thule Spring was designed to do just that – and with added accessories, you can get even more out of your day.

Why not start the morning off with a visit to a local market to buy some fresh produce? With an attachable kid’s Thule Snack Tray your child can munch on some food if they get fussy and hungry. In the growing heat of the morning, a Thule Spring Cup Holder for the handlebars gives you quick access to a much-needed iced coffee so that you don’t get grumpy either.

Buying things at the market (or anywhere else, for that matter) isn’t a problem, since the Thule Organizer, a bag that can be attached at the bottom of your stroller. The different compartments efficiently store essentials like a bottle, diapers, wipes but also your keys, wallet and phone.

Next, it’s time to hit the swings! Pushing your toddler through the park to the playground is easy with the maneuverability of the stroller’s wheels, and the Thule Spring Bumper Bar gives your kid a handle to hold onto when the ride gets bumpy. Once your children have tried out all the playground equipment a couple of times, it’s time for an ice cream.

Fastening them back into the stroller for the ice cream, the Thule Seat Liner is a useful addition to add a pop of color to your stroller but also gives your child extra comfort. If the ice cream gets sticky and drippy (which it’s likely to), all you have to do is take the seat liner off and throw it in the washing machine when you get home.

After a long day out, your toddler can take a nap in the stroller while your oldest hops on the Thule Glider Board and rolls all the way home.

Stroller accessories for newborns

With a newborn, even the simplest of trips can be a big deal. Even with the Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller, you can add a bassinet to stroll comfortably with your baby from day one. And with a bassinet rain cover, you can stroll with your baby even when it’s raining out.

Maybe a picnic in the park is a good first outdoor adventure? In this case, your life will be made easier if you have all your essentials close at hand. The Thule Changing Backpack includes an easy-to-clean changing mat and has smart organization to store bottles, diapers and wipes as well as a nifty soil bag for dirty clothes.

For parents heading around town with their newborn in a Thule Shine city stroller, the baby bassinet convert your Thule Shine city stroller into a bassinet stroller, or the car seat adapter turns it into a car seat stroller for your newborn.

If you live in a country where the weather looks nice one second and crummy the next, the Thule Shine All-Weather Cover is the perfect addition to your Thule Shine bassinet stroller. It will help protect your baby from wind, rain and pesky insects.

The Thule Infant Inlay is another great accessory that creates a cozy surface for your newborn and a soft headrest for them to rest their head. The fabric can also be easily switched according to season so that your baby stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

And don’t let the winter weather stop you! The Thule Newborn Nest is also a perfect addition for newborns, it’s adds another layer of warmth and bundles your baby up in the colder months.

Stroller accessories for jogging strollers

If the dream outdoor day for you involves working up a sweat, then maybe a jogging stroller is more up your street? Bring your kids along in a Thule Urban Glide 2, a jogging stroller that is equipped both for harsher terrain and the everyday challenges that a city may throw at you.

The Thule Organizer Sport is a cup holder and accessory container that can be attached to the handlebars of our bike trailers, and the Thule Urban Glide 2. This way you have quick access to your water bottle while you run, but also a place to store your phone and important gadgets. If you just want space for your bottle of water, opt for a bottle cage instead.

Want to head for a run but it’s raining? With the rain cover and mesh cover you can make sure your child is protected from the elements while you make sure you can get your run in even when the weather looks bleek.

Bike trailer accessories

If you prefer to reach further distances on two wheels, then a bike trailer is the best way to bring one or two kids with you. Is your city zoo too far to walk to? Then bike!

If you have a bike trailer, the Thule Infant Sling allows you to stroll with your newborn from 1-10 months. This means you can stroll with them for their first months, and bike around with them later when they get older.

If your child is from 6 to 18 months old you can still stroll with them in the trailer with the help of the Thule Baby Supporter to give them extra comfort and head support.

Once you arrive, you can lock the chariot with a Thule Chariot Lock Kit while you walk around to see the animals. Or simply switch out the bike attachment arm for the stroller wheels and your chariot doubles up as a stroller.

If you’re heading out on long bike rides, your child will appreciated a padded seat liner that makes the trailer even more comfortable.

The Thule Organizer Sport works for jogging strollers and bicycle trailers too, so that you have a safe spot to place your things and quick access to your water bottle while you push your child around.

Spending the day out with two parents? The Thule Axle mount ezHitch makes it super easy to switch the bike trailer from one bike to another. Or, if you have a Thule Courier trailer and want to travel with your dog, the Thule Courier dog trailer kit helps bring your pooch along!

Once you’ve arrived back home, the Thule Storage Cover is a durable fabric cover that protects your bicycle trailer from the elements, without the need to store it in your house.

These are just some of the ways you can use stroller accessories to maximize a day out with your kids. All Thule strollers have corresponding seat liners as well as mesh and rain covers. You deserve to cruise around the city with ease, and your kids with comfort!

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