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Rooftop tents, van accessories and water sport racks

Outdoor adventure

Experience the world up high in a rooftop tent, or head into the wilderness with your car or van! Whether you’re planning a family staycation or a trip away from it all, our cargo carriers, kayak racks and van awnings will help your adventure unforgettable!

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Remember the roof rack!

An important part, but easy to forget – roof racks. With Thule car roof racks you can make life a little easier and use several of our products on your car on your outdoor adventures.


What is the advantage of a rooftop tent?

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Apa Sharpa - legendary mountain guide

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Create your moments

What is an adventure to you? For some, it may be a grand expedition to a faraway country, but it might as well be discovering nature with your kids or a getaway with friends for a weekend. We are here to help you create your moments. You, your family and your friends. With all your gear and everything you need.

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Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

For the active family

What can be better than doing things together?