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Mochila de hidratación

Thule Vital 6L

Una mochila de hidratación ligera y de rápido acceso perfecta para paseos de alta intensidad de 2 a 5 horas.



  • Mantente hidratado sin bajar tu velocidad mediante el sistema de manguera de retorno ReTrakt que no requiere usar las manos
  • Accede rápidamente a tus alimentos, ropa o herramientas mientras te desplazas sin tener que detenerte o quitarte la mochila gracias a los convenientes bolsillos estilo jersey
  • Mejora la maniobrabilidad de la bicicleta y reduce el desgaste muscular con una distribución de peso óptima gracias al centro de gravedad bajo
  • Mantente hidratado en viajes cortos o largos con el depósito de hidratación Hydrapak de 2,5 litros
  • Transporta alimentos, ropa y herramientas adicionales con un volumen mínimo en el espacio de carga de 6 litros
  • Maximiza el rendimiento en ascenso y descenso gracias a los materiales ventilados livianos
  • Protege un teléfono o anteojos de sol en el bolsillo de acceso rápido con forro suave
  • Guarda las llaves u otros pequeños artículos esenciales en el bolsillo interior con cremallera
  • Logra estabilidad y aumenta la comodidad en cualquier terreno con la correa pectoral
  • Fija una bomba para neumáticos y una bomba para amortiguador en los bucles interiores exclusivos

Especificaciones técnicas

Dimensiones 8.7 x 3.5 x 17.5 in
Volumen 6 L
Peso 1.15 lb
Capacidad del depósito 2.5 L
Materiales Nailon
Color Obsidian
Número del modelo 3203639


Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule se dedica a proporcionar productos excepcionales de calidad probada y garantizados contra defectos en materiales y mano de obra.

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Fantastic light weight pack


For the last four years I have used the Camelback packs and thought they were good. Never had a issue, so I was not sure how I would I would like something new. I'm not big into "change." I took the XC/trail focus to Moab last month. When I pulled it out for the first ride, I had to figure out how to fill the bladder which was a snap. Its very easy to fill, and the locking mechanism is much easier to use than the only I have on my camelback. The hydration tube has a nifty magnet system so when you are done drinking it locks right back into place on the shoulder strap. Its a great feature. I love the small soft pocket at that is great to though your sunglasses. The inside of the pocket is lined with a very soft material. There is also a mesh pocket which is nice because you can see what's the pocket without having to unzip. I'm not use to using a pack this size and I was very impressed how light weight an comfortable it was. I wore it for a 2.5 and a 4 hour ride and hardly knew I had it on! There are two additional side pockets on the waist band, perfect for food. I love this pack.




Undermined by cheap reservoir. :(


Nice pack, but they skimped on the quality of the Hydrapak reservoir used. Hydrapak makes nice stuff, and their better reservoirs have the ability to turn inside out, and for the hose to disconnect from the reservoir for easier removal from the pack and more efficient drying. The model included in this bag has neither. I replaced the reservoir with the better one, as those features are quite nice. Only other gripe would be about the zipper on the bag. It only opens part way, which is a little annoying and seems unnecessary. Other than that, it is a solid pack, with lots of good organization and nice details like "keepers" on the straps to help things stay out of the way and tidy. Oh, and the TeTrakt magnetic hose return system seems to work perfectly (and I was able to slide it off the old hose and onto the new hose with some effort.)


Silverton, OR



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