Kayak rack

Thule The Stacker

Space-saving stacker that holds up to 4 kayaks stacked on their side.



  • Fold-down steel design with non-scratch outer coating
  • Fast installation and removal, thanks to quick on/off hardware
  • Optimally sized carrier leaves roof space for other Thule accessories
  • Carries up to 4 kayaks and requires 1 to 2 people to load and unload them
  • Includes straps to transport 1 kayak
  • Accommodates kayaks up to 36" wide and weighing 75 lbs
  • Requires Thule rack systems crossbars, round bars, or factory racks - see Buyer's Guide
  • Primary watercraft: Kayak

Technical specifications

Load capacity 75 lb
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 20 in
Weight 7.1 lb
Rubber cover for strap buckle
Length of straps 2x15'
One Key System compatible
Fits Thule AeroBlade
Fits Thule SquareBar
Fits Thule Xsporter Pro Adapter/s required: Thule Adapter Kit Xadapt3
Model number 830
Spare parts



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Simple, secure, and cost effective.


When I got kayaks I was trying to avoid racks like the J-style Hull-a-Port. I've had issues with boats shifting, and am not a fan of the design. The Stacker is a simple design that uses the crossbars to help keep the boat in place. Never had an issue with shifting, even on 8+ hour drives with two boats. It's also the cheapest Thule option for more than one boat. Very happy with my decision. Just make sure you put the straps on BEFORE you put the boat on.


Pittsburgh, PA


Works Great On All Thule Products


Works Great for fitting multiple boats on a rack. If you are going to put one boat on each side I would recommend buying a set of the 15 ft. load straps. If you are putting this on an Xsporter remember to use the Xadapt 3 adapter kit. There is a link to it in the technical specifcations area on this page. Not sure why Jay from a previous review couldn't stumble on that. Great Product, use mine all the time and recommend to all my friends.


Brighton, Michigan


Hardware doesn't fit as promised by Thule customer service


I purchased this product to mount to my Xporter cross bars to carry my kayaks. I called Thule customer service before purchasing and was assured it would fit my Xporter cross bars. The carriage bolts which mount the stacked to the cross bar is not long enough. There is no hardware store I have found, big box or otherwise, nor online bolt store such as Fastenal which will sell me an M6 carriage bolt in about 80 mm length so that I can use this product. Some say there is an adapter kit on the Thule website which consists of longer carriage bolts... if so it doesn't come up in any search query. I would not recommend this product to anyone wishing to use this with the Xporter.


Anderson, SC


Thule The Stacker

3.8 9


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