Kayak rack

Thule Hullavator Pro

Lift-assist rack for kayaks handles up to 40 lbs of the weight so you can load and unload – even on your own.



  • Load and unload your kayak on your own, thanks to the gas-assist struts that lift and lower 40 lbs of the kayak’s weight
  • Load/unload and strap your kayak at waist height, with the help of double extending arms that lower the kayak by up to 3 feet
  • Maximum protection for your kayak, thanks to 8 touch points of padded support
  • Corrosion-resistant kayak cradles expand to fit wide kayaks
  • Aluminum, double-coated steel construction for corrosion resistance delivers a longer product life
  • Includes Thule QuickDraw bow and stern tie-downs for transporting 1 kayak

Technical specifications

Load capacity 75 lb
Dimensions 36 x 6 x 16 in
Weight 39.7 lb
Rubber cover for strap buckle
Length of straps 2x9.5'
One Key System compatible
Fits Thule WingBar Evo
Fits Thule AeroBlade Edge
Fits Thule AeroBlade
Fits Thule SquareBar
Fits Thule ProBar
Fits Thule Xsporter Pro
Model number 898
Spare parts



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Accessories for Thule Hullavator Pro

Thule Load Straps 523

Two 15-foot heavy-duty straps with cam-action buckles secure heavy loads while our patented buckle bumpers help to prevent vehicle scratches and dings.

Thule QuickDraw

Secure your boat's bow and stern quickly and easily. A simple ratchet system lets you do away with bungee cords and time-consuming knots.


How to fix the arm lifting power lost power?


I have this product for more than 10 years. It is a great product and very durable. Recently when I mount the kayak (tandem) on the side. It hard for me to lift it up due to the gas-assist strut lost power. I email this website ask for help but the reply seems do not understand my question. I asked how to fix it? Send for repair or buy an accessories to replace the weak strut? Hopefully someone will answer my question.

michael nguyen


Gives me freedom, but at a price...


Wouldn't need this expensive system if I was strong enough to move the Kevlar boat and the plastic boat around.


Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


My challenge is getting the kayak up into the cradles.


Once may kayak is IN the cradles, the Hullavator is great! But my boat is 57 pounds and I can't just lift it up like the guy in the video. If I could, I probably wouldn't need this expensive rack system.

Maine Woman

Portland ME


Thule Hullavator Pro

4.4 20