Thule QuickDraw

Secure your boat's bow and stern quickly and easily. A simple ratchet system lets you do away with bungee cords and time-consuming knots.



  • Two 13’ heavy-duty rope lines and 4 hardened steel hooks for transport security
  • Two rope ratchets with carabineer hooks for secure "peace of mind"closed loop latching to vehicle.

Technical specifications

Model number 855XT
Spare parts



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Watersport Cariers: Spare Parts


As I bought my Thule rack and carrier for my kayak from a friend, I decided it might be a good idea to have spare parts for it. First I bought small things such as screws and so forth, but then I need to replace one of the arms. Both times it was easy to find the right products and they arrived with no problems at all.

Kayaker Linda

Houston, TX


easy and secure!!!!!


anyone with a carrier will appreciate the ease and security this line provides!


caldwell, new jersey


How easy can it get?


I love the Qucidraws and use them weekly. They are so simple to use and so very convenient compared to any other tie-downs I have struggled with! Regular tie-downs bind, hurt your fingers, never rachet the way they're supposed to and are extremely difficult to work with! The Quickdraws are efficient, simple, strong and I want more of them. They were made for women to easily secure items and whenever guys are given a choice between my Quickdraws and regular tie-downs, the Quickdraws are always chosen. The men are very impressed with how easy it is to work with the Quickdraws. I'm going to ask for 2 more sets for the holidays and surely hope I receive them! Way to go Thule! A "tie-down" system that men are envious of and women can use by themselves!! Nice work! Pat


Southern Maryland, USA


Thule QuickDraw

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