Bike travel case

Thule RoundTrip Pro XT

Soft-shell bike case with integrated bike assembly stand that makes traveling with your bike simple.



  • Integrated bike holder and assembly stand that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble your bike
  • Integrated wheels and handles for easy transport and maneuverability
  • Lightweight and easy to store with folding and removable protective side panels and collapsible frame
  • Protects bike during transport, thanks to rugged nylon shell that expands around aluminum Click-Rail
  • Thru axle adapters for 15mm and 20mm axles included
  • Nylon wheel bags prevent frame and wheel contact
  • Fits most road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes
  • Award logo from RennRad - Testsieger 2016

Technical specifications

Dimensions 49.5 x 11.8 x 35 in
Weight 19 lb
Color Black/Cobalt
Model number 100505
Spare parts



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Specifically consider your application before purchase


I use this to bag to travel internationally with my mountain bike. Currently, I ride a large Pole Evolink 150. This is one of the longer production bikes on the market and only fits because it folds. We test fit my wife's Small Banshee Prime and it didn't fit particularly well due to the angle of the down tube and the length of the front center. This bag would nicely fit any road or cyclocross bike, but really isn't great for modern, long mountain bikes. The construction is also okay, but not terribly impressive. The stand is an innovative idea, but in practice, not that effective for mountain bikes. Overall, I've been able to make it work, but for my application, I wouldn't buy it again and I wish I could return it.

Jason rides long bikes

New York


Nice stand feature, Terrible Quality


I've used this bag for a lot of travel both international and domestic. The stand feature is great, but the rack itself lacks quality building. The piece that connects to the bag in front near the fork has broken twice on me. Any lateral torsion on it seems to break the piece and costs $150 to replace. They can't just sell you the little plastic piece but the whole rail.


Seattle WA




used for international travel. easy to maneuver around the airport as it has ample handles (total of 5) and integrated wheels. the fact that the case can be broken down made transport in a sedan plausible. took less than 5 minutes for me to reassemble the bike case at LAX. i recommend taking the time to wrap up your frame&uninstall the RD.


los angeles, california


Thule RoundTrip Pro XT

3.8 4


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