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Trunk bike rack

Thule Raceway PRO 2

Strong, secure, and easy-to-use premium hanging-style trunk bike rack (for 2 bikes).



  • Maximum security and quick vechicle install with Sure-Tight ratcheting cables
  • Bike-to-bike contact prevented by no-sway cages
  • Soft cradles secure the bikes to the rack and absorbs road shock and vibrations
  • Locks the bikes to the bike rack and the bike rack to the car (locks included)
  • Bike rack arms can be narrowed to easily fit a variety of bike frame shapes
  • Bike rack arms can fold down when not in use
  • Folds up flat for convenient storage

Technical specifications

Max number of bikes 2
Load capacity 70 lb
Max bike weight 35 lb
Dimensions 23 x 24 x 33 in
Folded dimensions 23 x 24 x 21 in
Weight 22.4 lb
Carbon frame compatible
Rear lights and number plate visible with bikes mounted
One Key System compatible
Lockable bike-to-rack
Lockable rack-to-vehicle
Model number 9001PRO
Spare parts



Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule is dedicated to providing exceptional products that are quality tested and guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

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Accessories for Thule Raceway PRO 2

Thule Frame Adapter

Modifies women's bike frames as well as BMX and non-standard frames in order to be carried on hanging-style hitch and strap mount bike racks.


Not that easy to use on my car


This product does not easily attach to a 97 Ford Crown Victoria. The hooks provided to attach to the bottom of the trunk were too small. I need wider hooks for the bottom of my trunk. The edge of the bottom of my trunk are wide and the hooks provided with your carrier were made for trunks with thin edges. It took me half the day to figure out how to attach the carrier with the hooks provided. I attached the bottom hooks to the inside of my trunk and figured out how to close my trunk. I tested it out to day. It seems secure enough after a 70 mile trip. I don't feel 100% with the secureness but time will tell if what I did will be good enough to hold the bikes.


Brooklyn, NY

Anti-Sway cage keeps falling off


Very disappointed considering this is a top of the line bike rack. The priblem I have is that the anti sway cage consistently falls of the rack. The design of it isn't even secure. Why would there be a piece that isn't truly built into the rack? Why did they design it to pop off so easily? It happens almost every time I load my bike up on the rack. Today I lost the piece because I forgot to take it off when I ran a quick errand down the street. It fell off while driving. I've had it pop off before while I've been out on a ride, all by itself when I wasn't even driving. I've luckily found it on the ground near my car previous times. I shouldn't have to remember to remove that piece every single time I use the rack, especially for how much it cost.




Updated fit guide???


I'm through annoyed that there is no for guide that i can find for the 2018 Nissan Leaf. It's July 2019 and I'm without a bike rack. I originally bought based on the brand assuming the customer service (including updated fit guide) would be much better. I am disappointed.

Weekend cycler Suze



Thule Raceway PRO 2

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