Do you agree with the man who’s surfed the biggest wave ever surfed?

Hound of the sea – that’s the name of the book about Garrett McNamara, legendary big wave surfer who’s surfed the biggest wave that most certainly has ever been surfed. Follow Garrett to Lofoten, Norway, and get to know the man inside the wet suit.

Garrett has been a friend of Thule since many years back and he’s a great inspiration to many people around the world. But more importantly, he uses his success and fame to inspire and teach the young generations powerful and important lessons of life. Garrett believes that we must encourage our children to follow their dreams. And we must take care of the environment. Otherwise there will be no ocean to play in, no snow to ski on and there will be no woods to run in. The world was lent to us by our parents, it’s up to us to be responsible and to leave a healthy environment for our children!