Pedro Oliva

An extreme athlete, a scientist and a father

Sao Paolo, Brazil
Year of birth
Father of 3 children
Lives today
Sao Paulo, Brazil
World record of height in waterfall jumping with kayak (2009)
TV show
Canal off

A passion for nature

Pedro is a whitewater kayak adventurer with a passion for nature. Preferably with whitewater, steep waterfalls and burning lava as a part of the experience…

World record

Having traveled across six continents, jumping 40 meters high waterfalls and paddled through the wildest waters, nothing can beat the pride he feels of being a father to his 3 children.

Environment, sport, science and society

Pedro’s passion is to work with projects related to environment, sport, science and society. During 2015 he paddled more than 1100 km along one of Brazil’s biggest rivers to study the waterfalls’ function in the eco system.

The power of water is my passion

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