Matt Elsasser

Kitesurfer and film maker

Portland, Oregon, USA
Year of birth
Mother, father, twin brother and sister
Lives today
Hawaii and California, USA
Passion in life
The ocean and the wind
Best toy
The balsa wood surf board I built with my father

As if the board was glued to his feet

Matt Elsasser has made several kitesurfing films, but the one about him and his father building their own surf board out of balsa wood stood out from all the other films Thule received during the contest. It’s an authentic, emotional and inspiring video that makes you want to go surfing. Now.

It looks so easy!

Heading for the waves and the wind and the sun and the fun. When you see Matt kite surf it looks like the board is glued to his feet. You can stand watching him for hours. It looks so easy! And then, when you get to talk to him, he’s the most humble guy you’ve ever met, with his feet on the ground, always, always keeping it real.

Living that life...

Matt is in many ways the American dream. He recently graduated as a successful student, immediately got a job for the big kitesurfing brand Cabrina and works as a sales rep in California. Matt is very close to his family and goes to visit his mum, dad, twin brother and younger sister on Hawaii as often as he possibly can.

Keeping it real

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