Flo Orley

Fast facts

Innsbruck, Austria
Year of birth
Lives today
Innsbruck, Austria, but soon on a catamaran sailing around the world
Many victories in competitions on the Freeride World Tour over the years and especially being able to feed my family by doing what I love to do


Experiencing my kids coming into this world and seeing them develop and grow every day stands far above everything!!


A few years back I had a key experience standing on the top of a mountain in Greenland ready to drop into a crazy line on my snowboard, just 10 days after my son Keano was born.

It was a very risky descent and the helicopter was in the air above me ready to film, but I could not get the picture of my wife and my boy out of my mind.

In that moment I realized that I would have to find a way to deal with the love for my family on one the one hand, and the passion for my sports, adventures and freedom on the other hand if I was to live a happy life in the future.


My love for the nature has been reflected in my passion for outdoor sports in the mountains, on the ocean and in the air all my life.

In all these elements I love dealing with the risk that the my sports bring along, making this kind of risk management something I really like.

Above all stands my love for freedom, chasing emotions and memories

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