Chris Van Dine

Fast facts

Year of birth
Lives today
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Founder of the pump track project in El Tunco, El Salvador
Living my passion

The way I roll

Chris’s favorite moments are the vicarious ones.  Standing on podiums and stages is wonderful, but the sheer amazement and joy that sweeps over the face of a child riding on two wheels for the first time is something else.

Citizen of the world

I grew up in the Appalachian mountains, engulfed in America’s disintegrated white working class. As a boy my bike was my escape from those hardscrabble struggles. For twenty years my bike took me around the world, but more importantly it connected me with the disadvantaged youth of sixty countries. I know the power that bicycles hold with regard to the unfinished business of the 21st century and my purpose is to share that.

Heart and soul

Chris Van Dine’s character and disarming passion off the hill is noted by all those who cross his path. He donates his time to a host of charity organizations all around the world.  Chris Van Dine is one of the few who anchors the ladder after he climbs it and continually bridges gaps with his ethos and integrity.

If you want to shape minds, shape spaces where those minds can dwell

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