Anja Pärson and Filippa Rådin

Fast facts

Anja in Tärnaby, Sweden, and Filippa in Umeå, Sweden
Year of birth
1981 and 1973
Anja, Eva, Emmy, Elvis and Maximilian
Lives today
Umeå, Sweden
Anja's won 25 Olympic and World Championships medals
Successful fashion designer

Family life

Anja Pärson is one of the best Alpine skiers of all time, with 25 Olympic and World Championship medals, and Filippa Rådin is a celebrated fashion designer. They live an intense life travelling around the world together and always have one joint focus – their family.

We bring our kids

Anja and Filippa are both dedicated to get the most out of their lives together and refuse to compromise time with their children. They always bring them no matter if it’s to the mountains, the sea or to the city.

If they don't want to bike we go for a stroll

“We don’t have any prestige in our life with the children. If we have planned to go on a picnic one day and that day turns out to be one of those bad days that easily can happen with children, we simply surrender, go back and do something else.”

Family first

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