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Sac à dos professionnel

Thule Strävan Daypack

Ce sac à dos de navetteur moderne doté d’un espace de rangement dédié aux appareils technologiques peut s’élargir ou se comprimer pour s’adapter à votre matériel.


  • Le compartiment rembourré protège à la fois un MacBook Pro® de 15 pouces et un iPad®
  • Protection accrue contre les chocs grâce à la conception SafeEdge à l’intérieur du compartiment pour ordinateur portable
  • Compartiment SafeZone indéformable pour les lunettes de soleil ou une calculatrice scientifique, en plus d'une pochette pour les téléphones
  • Compartiment SafeZone amovible pour un rangement polyvalent
  • L'ouverture de style valise permet de ranger et de trouver les articles facilement
  • Les soufflets plissés sur le panneau avant offrent une capacité de chargement polyvalente
  • Organisation personnelle des accessoires plus petits grâce à plusieurs pochettes de rangement et à un porte-clés
  • Les sangles de compression à la base permettent de fixer une veste ou un tapis de yoga
  • Nylon 500D durable et imperméable avec revers en élastomère thermoplastique et fermeture éclair YKK imperméable
  • Deux pochettes latérales en filet pour bouteilles d’eau ou accessoires

Caractéristiques techniques

Dimensions 31.5 x 30.5 x 45 cm
Dimensions du compartiment pour ordinateur portable 36.4 x 2.4 x 24.9  cm
Poids 1.05 kg
Volume 22 L
Couleur Dark Shadow
Matériau Nylon
Nom du modèle TSBP-115
Numéro de modèle 3202024


Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule s’engage à fournir des produits exceptionnels qui ont fait l’objet de tests de qualité et qui sont garantis contre les défauts de matériaux et de fabrication.

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Best backpack ever!


I've bought this bag for about 5 years ago and i'm surprised how durable it is! despite the constant beating delivered by my heavy use, it didn't even lost is form and not a single strand come off! I've use this bag everyday for school,gym,travel,outdoor activities under extreme climate conditions and it protected my laptop from heavy rain to snow storms very well! It's design is very on spot for daily use and materials used is super durable. Now i'm not kind of person who writes reviews for the products i use but felt like i owe this review to Thule because every feature of this product is overdelivered. Definitely recommend it if you want a backpack thats durable and practical.

RockyMountain Boy

Fort Collins colorado


Amazing Bakcpack


I have used this backpack every day for almost 4 years now. I holds everything I need and protects it incredibly well. On campus at college I longboard and even having fallen off my board multiple times this backpack protected my laptop, tablet, sunglasses, and whatever else I had in it. I wouldn't say I'm rough on the bag but I also don't go out of my way to keep it from getting damaged, yet after 4 years of continuous use the only wear and tear is a small hole in the water bottle holder which isn't even big enough for a pen to slip though. I wouldn't recommend any backpack over this thing, its amazing.


Orlando, FL


Great Backpack


I bought this backpack looking for a backpack that would suffice for all my needs. I am a professional woman - so I didn't want anything too masculine, bulky, or school like for the office. But I am also a mom of two young kids, so I needed versatility. I was drawn to this backpack for its clean lines and colour, and of course a known brand that I felt would give me longevity. I wanted to be able to use this to for the office, if I needed to bring my laptop around, a lunch, and maybe a pair of shoes. For the kids, I need to fit the diaper bag, snacks, back up outfit and maybe something for the outing that we are going for like dance or swimming. I'm pleased that the backpack isn't too bulky when taking transit. I also really like the delineated spaces/sections, as well as internal pockets. I was very opposed to a top open catch all sort of back pack - even though the space is more optimized in those, I can't be dealing with emptying all the contents for one thing. It is snug when I have a towel for swimming in there - although it does fit (and yes I could used the straps underneath but that is too much effort with 2 kids!). I don't love the sunglass section - while it comes in handy, especially for snacks that I don't want smooshed - i feel it hangs out more than it should when accessing the pouch below it, which is where my wallet normally is. The inside pouch on that is too snug for a phone (iphone 7 +). I also wish it had some things on the straps - I've seen others that have a small hook for sunglasses, or a mesh pocket for transit pass (it is called a commuter backpack after all). I've seen others that do that. I am also happy that it does not have the cross strap on the front - which is needed with a heavier backpack, but I baby-wear, so I can't have something obstructing the baby's face, and I don't want something flopping around when its not clipped. I think it's the perfect backpack for my work to weekend life!


Toronto Ontario



5.0 11