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Maleta para transportar bicicletas

Thule RoundTrip Sport

Estuche de viaje resistente aprobado por UPS o la aerolínea para tu bicicleta de ruta, montaña o bicicross.



  • Construido en durable polipropileno con ruedas integradas para facilitar el traslado
  • Los separadores separan las ruedas del cuadro
  • 47" (119,4 cm) x 30-1/2" (77,5 cm) x 10-1/2" (26,7 cm) (externo), 45" (114,3 cm) x 28-1/2" (72,4 cm) x 10" (25,4 cm) (interno)

Especificaciones técnicas

Dimensiones 47 x 10.5 x 30.5 in
Dimensiones internas 45 x 10 x 28.5 in
Peso 37 lb
Color Black
Número del modelo 100500



Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule se dedica a proporcionar productos excepcionales de calidad probada y garantizados contra defectos en materiales y mano de obra.

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Doesn't fit 27.5" mountain bikes well


I used this box to fly from Mexico to B.C. and from Switzerland to Montana and California. Despite what the bike shop told me, this box barely fits a mountain bike with 27.5" wheels. I needed to deflate my tires (so the tubless sealant dried-up), remove my fork and handlebars. After all that, the case would still not close flush. Every time I traveled, I prayed that the rear triangle would not get crushed. While my bike has survived the rear buckles have broken and the straps frayed. I also notice that TSA doesn't do a good job of rearranging pieces after opening the box.


Lausanne, Switzerland


Ok but not the best


It was there only case when i bought it in 2010, and it didn't have a case for the wheels, and the frame had no way to fasten down. Now that see the RoundTrip Transition, I will sell mine and buy the RoundTrip Transition for my next trip. So if you can afford it, buy the better one.




It works for Full suspension MTB 5 inch travel


I used this case for airline travel from East Coast to Utah. Although it is a pain to drag through the airport, and you have to go to their "special" pickup area because it can't come out with normal checked luggage, it does protect the bike. I always put extra parts and such in the case, but stay below the airlines max weight for the bike and box (usually 75 pounds). Build your bike in the Motel/Hotel and stash. Sometimes there is a secure hotel storage area for large luggage as well. Once you learn how to pack a bike (YouTube) it only takes 20 minutes. And your bike arrives with you getting there and getting home.




Thule RoundTrip Sport

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