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Maleta para transportar bicicletas

Thule RoundTrip Sport

Estuche de viaje resistente aprobado por UPS o la aerolínea para tu bicicleta de ruta, montaña o bicicross.



  • Construido en durable polipropileno con ruedas integradas para facilitar el traslado
  • Los separadores separan las ruedas del cuadro
  • 47" (119,4 cm) x 30-1/2" (77,5 cm) x 10-1/2" (26,7 cm) (externo), 45" (114,3 cm) x 28-1/2" (72,4 cm) x 10" (25,4 cm) (interno)

Especificaciones técnicas

Dimensiones 119.3 x 26.6 x 77.4 cm
Dimensiones internas 114.3 x 25.4 x 72.4 cm
Peso 16.8 kg
Color Black
Número del modelo 100500



Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule se dedica a proporcionar productos excepcionales de calidad probada y garantizados contra defectos en materiales y mano de obra.

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Ok but not the best


It was there only case when i bought it in 2010, and it didn't have a case for the wheels, and the frame had no way to fasten down. Now that see the RoundTrip Transition, I will sell mine and buy the RoundTrip Transition for my next trip. So if you can afford it, buy the better one.




It works for Full suspension MTB 5 inch travel


I used this case for airline travel from East Coast to Utah. Although it is a pain to drag through the airport, and you have to go to their "special" pickup area because it can't come out with normal checked luggage, it does protect the bike. I always put extra parts and such in the case, but stay below the airlines max weight for the bike and box (usually 75 pounds). Build your bike in the Motel/Hotel and stash. Sometimes there is a secure hotel storage area for large luggage as well. Once you learn how to pack a bike (YouTube) it only takes 20 minutes. And your bike arrives with you getting there and getting home.




Does the job


I used it 3 times over transatlantic flights and never had any problem. I have a TT bike. I just remove the handle bar and seat post. Helmet, wet suit, gels, shoes plus all the triathlon gear also fit. You will want to use some additional foam to avoid scratches on the frame and a strap to carry it on your shoulder. Managed to keep it under 30kg (66 pounds) fully loaded.

Tom SP


Thule RoundTrip Sport

3.8 5