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Single and double strollers for city and outdoor


Explore the unknown or stroll along familiar paths. Go jogging. Enjoy your time together and share your passions with your kids. A Thule stroller is perfect for getting around comfortably. Anywhere, anytime, any season.

From baby to toddler, with siblings or twins – there is a Thule stroller for you.

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Thule Urban Glide 2

An all-terrain stroller with a sleek, lightweight design, making it perfect for urban exploration or strolling on your favorite path.

Thule Spring

The flexible, fun and functional stroller for everyday use. No matter the challenge - Thule Spring is up to the task of making your daily life easier.

Thule Sleek

Flexible and stylish stroller for sharing city adventures with your child. A stroller that grows with your family that can be expanded to a double or even a triple stroller with our add-on accessories.

Thule Glide 2

A high-performance jogging stroller with a lightweight, aerodynamic design that lets you and your child get the most out of your run - on any terrain.

Which stroller is perfect for me?
For active parents with an urban life, Thule Sleek is a smart and stylish stroller that is designed to grow with your family, from baby to toddler. Thule Spring is a flexible and functional stroller for everyday use that you can bring anywhere. 

For the active family, Thule Urban Glide 2 is an all-terrain stroller with a sleek design that feels at home on city streets, in the park or outdoors. Thule Glide 2 is a high-performance jogging stroller with a lightweight, aerodynamic design. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, Thule Chariot is a stylish, safe and versatile range of multisport trailers that make it possible to bike, stroll, run, or ski. 

How old can my kids be in a stroller?
All our strollers are made to be flexible and to allow for growing kids – and growing families! With the use of a bassinet, several of our strollers are intended to be used from birth. 

What are your thoughts on sustainability?
We make strollers with a superior quality that can be used for a long time, and we strive to create timeless modern designs, to encourage their use for many years to come. We continuously analyze materials used, production methods, usage and recycling potential to limit our products’ impact on the climate and environment during their lifecycle, without our needing to compromise on safety, quality, function or lifespan. 

What accessories are compatible with my stroller?
All our strollers come with a wide range of accessories that let you make the most of your time with your child. See our accessory compatibility chart! 

Do the strollers have ventilation? What about sun protection?
Yes, all our strollers have ventilated canopies with fabric that provides UV protection (UPF 50+). 

Can I travel with my stroller?
You definitely can travel the world with your stroller. All Thule strollers are designed to be compact when folded and easy to bring along. Check out the Thule Sleek Travel Bag or the Thule Spring Travel Bag for extra protection! 


Multisport trailers

Multisport and bike trailers

Thule multisport and bike trailers are more than just trailers for 1 or 2 kids. Stylish, safe and very versatile, you can bike, stroll, jog, or ski.

Buggy accessories

With a wide range of accessories, it is easy to make a Thule buggy the perfect match for your needs. Keep your child comfortable with seat liners and protective covers, organise your life with practical bags and make room for two kids with a bassinet or a sibling seat.
Jogging stroller Thule Urban Blide 2 black on black

Comfort & Safety

Thule designs products to meet or exceed international safety standards. Our rigorous internal testing ensures our products can handle the toughest conditions. We don’t settle for anything less than the highest standards when it comes to design, flexibility, safety and quality. After all, Thule buggies are made for the most important people in the world.