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Thule Allax L Compact car dog crate
Thule Allax L Compact car dog crate
Thule Allax L Compact car dog crate
Thule Allax L Compact car dog crate
A brown and white dog sits in a Thule Allax dog car crate inside a car.
A woman shuts the door of the Thule Allax dog crate inside a car where a brown and white dog is sitting.
Two women stand with their dog next to a car with the trunk open and a car dog crate inside.
A beige poodle sits inside a small Thule Allax dog crate for cars inside the trunk of a car.
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Thule Allax L Compact

car dog crate

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Thule Allax L Compact car dog crate

Thule Allax L Compact

car dog crate

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The safe, reliable and easy-to-use dog car crate that protects both dogs and people

Designed to protect both dogs and people

The Thule Allax dog crate is the perfect choice for safe and comfortable car rides with your four-legged friend. It is thoroughly crash tested in our own Thule Test Center, as well as certified by TÜV SÜD. The innovative crumple zone provides superior protection for both passengers and your dog. The gas dampened door opens and closes softly, and the crate has a built-in lock for added security.

Noiseless design and a perfect fit

The dog crate comes in ten different sizes, all with rounded edges to provide a perfect fit for both your car and your dog. Plus, the dog travel crate can be adjusted in depth for a perfect fit in your trunk, and tension bands ensure that it stays securely fastened while driving. Well-designed and well-built – no noise or rattle will come from this premium dog crate.

Living an active life with your dog

The Thule Allax offers advanced protection and comfort for both short trips and long hauls alike. With its superior safety features, ease of use and convenience, there’s no better way to keep your dog safe while travelling than with this reliable dog crate from Thule.

Thule Allax
Thule Allax dog crate is crash tested from the front and the rear, as well as a simulated roll-over scenario
Thule Allax
Superior protection
Innovative crumple zone provides superior protection for dogs in case of rear collisions
Thule Allax
Room for everyone
Available in ten different sizes and with adjustable depth to provide a perfect fit for both your car and your dog
Thule Allax
Soft, gas damped door
The door's gas damping mechanism ensures a gentle open and close, enhancing your everyday interactions
Thule Allax
Great visibility
The window and the openings in the cage make it easy for you to check on your dog at any time
Thule Allax
Opens in all situations
The crate is equipped with an escape hatch, that enables opening of the crate from the backseat
Thule Allax
Find your perfect fit
With our Fit Assistant, you will find the perfect size for your dog crate
Thule Allax
Add to the experience
Thule Allax comes with a range of practical accessories that make daily life with your dog even easier
Dog crate showing how to measure height, width and length
Dog crate showing how to measure height, width and length


87-93 x 70 x 69 cm


24.3 kg

Weight capacity

45 kg

Crash tested

Rear-end collision Front collision Roll-over scenario

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Spare parts
How to install Thule Allax
Safety for everyone - A man testing out a dog crate in test center

Safety for everyone

Safety is always our top priority. That's why we have tested our dog crate at our very own Thule Test Center as well as TÜV SÜD (certificate Z1 013709 0039), following the crash test methods ECE R17 and ECE R129. We do everything we can to ensure that both you and your four-legged friend can feel at peace.

Quality design down to the last detail - A man and his dog in a dog crate sitting in the back of a car

Quality design down to the last detail

We're not just satisfied with "good". At Thule, all our products go through rigorous testing under extreme conditions to ensure that they live up to our standards which far exceed ISO requirements.

Noiseless comfort - A dog relaxing in an open dog crate

Noiseless comfort

Thule Allax is not just safe and easy to use, it's also quiet. This ensures that you and your dog are not disturbed by unnecessary rattling noises while you're driving.

A dog crate that is extendable

Design that puts safety, comfort, and user-friendliness first

We get that nothing means more to you than the safety and comfort of your dog and the other passengers onboard. That's exactly why we have developed this premium Thule Allax dog crate.

Ambassador - Fredrik Steen
Not only does the crate look great, but using it puts my mind at ease since it's been so thoroughly tested. A detail I appreciate is the bumper protector accessory that protects my car from scratches when my dog jumps into the crate.

Fredrik Steen,

Dog trainer

Thule Allax lifestyle video

A dog crate designed to protect both dogs and people

Thule Allax is the perfect choice for safe and comfortable rides for you and your four-legged friend.

Tested to the limit

At the Thule Test Center™ in Hillerstorp, Sweden, our rigorous internal testing ensures our products can handle the toughest conditions. After all, our dog crates are made to make travels safe for both humans and four-legged friends. Below are just some of the many tests we conduct.
Explore Thule test center

Crash tests

We conduct crash tests in our state-of-the-art crash test facility and indoor track, including the internationally recognized TÜV SÜD Certification.

Wear and tear tests

Specialized tests that are used to evaluate the dog crates over time, to assess their durability and long-term performance. 

Durability tests

Used to evaluate the performance under conditions such as those that might be encountered during use on rough or uneven terrain. 

Driving tests

Test that make sure that the dog crate stays safely attached in the car: sharp turns, evasive maneuvers, and brake tests.

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