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The age of Aquarius

1968 is a year of some of the biggest bands of all time. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Supremes. Your favorite band defines you!
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Thule Classic Roof Basket

Dr Christian Barnard performs the first successful heart transplant. The Winter Olympic Games are held in Grenoble. The emergency telephone service, 911, is started in the USA. And the musical "Hair" opens at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London. And the Thule Classic roof basket was launched to the world.

Toplist 1968

The Graduate
Guess who's coming to dinner
Bonnie & Clyde
Valley of the dolls
The Rolling Stones
The Supremes
The Beatles
Fleetwood Mac

Behind the scenes

The most patient farmers of all time and their children waited more than five hours to take this shot.