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Thule Sleek

Carriola versátil y con estilo para vivir las aventuras de la ciudad con tu bebé


  • La capota extensible con ventilación, ventana y parasol permiten que los niños viajen cómodos en cualquier clima y proporcionan protección UV (UPF 50+)
  • Espacio amplio y cómodo para sentar al bebé, con altura generosa y espacio ajustable para pies
  • Puede usarse desde el nacimiento con el moisés Thule Sleek o el adaptador para asiento de niños para automóvil (se venden por separado).
  • Asiento reversible para posición con vista hacia delante
  • Asiento reclinable de tres posiciones para una mayor comodidad cuando el bebé duerma, descanse o esté sentado
  • Barra de parachoques que rota hacia un costado para que pueda colocar a su niño en el asiento con facilidad
  • Suspensión 4x4 que absorbe impactos y suaviza la marcha en terrenos difíciles
  • Ruedas traseras de espuma antipinchazos de 11 pulgadas con llantas reflectantes para suavizar la marcha en terrenos difíciles y tener una mejor visibilidad. Se pueden retirar para reducir el tamaño de pliegue.
  • Ruedas delanteras giratorias de 8 pulgadas con llantas reflectantes que se pueden ajustar en una posición fija para suavizar la marcha en terrenos difíciles. Se pueden retirar para reducir el tamaño de pliegue.
  • Plegado simple y compacto con seguro automático, con o sin el asiento montado
  • Manija de altura ajustable para adaptarse a la comodidad de los padres
  • Gancho exclusivo para colocar el bolso cambiador en un lugar estable y accesible
  • Parrilla amplia con cubierta con cremallera que le permite llevar todo lo que necesita
  • Adaptable y expansible (para hermanos o mellizos)

Especificaciones técnicas

Capacidad de peso 49 lb
Dimensiones plegado 32.6 x 23.8 x 16.5 in
Peso 27.9 lb
Altura al sentarse 24.8 in
Ancho para paso por puerta 23.8 in
Arnés de seguridad 5 puntos
Cumple con las normas de seguridad
Niños 1 o 2
Color Energy Red
Número del modelo 11000004



Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule se dedica a proporcionar productos excepcionales de calidad probada y garantizados contra defectos en materiales y mano de obra.

Ver detalles de la garantía

Libertad de movimiento

Ya sea en modo simple o doble, Thule Sleek es fácil de maniobrar en cualquier parte gracias a su tamaño compacto, sus ruedas giratorias delanteras y su construcción liviana.

Flexibilidad para cualquier ocasión

De bebés a niños y de uno a dos niños, Thule Sleek se convierte para ajustarse a las necesidades de tu familia. *El moisés y el asiento para hermanos se venden por separado.

Paseo cómodo

El gran asiento reclinable y la capota con ventilación y parasol extensible garantizan que el niño disfrute cada paseo.

Accesorios para Thule Sleek

Thule Sleek Bassinet

El moisés Thule Sleek transforma tu Thule Sleek en un cochecito y puedes convertirlo en una carriola individual a doble cuando tu familia se expanda.

Thule Footmuff

Saco de abrigo para pies aislado premium para mantener a tu hijo cálido y cómodo en los días más fríos


No brainer


Ok I have the jogger stroller, but wanted a stroller for my target runs, neighborhood walks, and daily use. I am totally in love with this Sleek! I only have one child, but my friend puts her LO on my frame when we walk together and we both love it. The kiddos do too! Honestly it looks great, but performs better. It's easy to fold, to switch modes, and the suspension is awesome--it makes for a really smooth ride. When I'm not using my jogger on rough terrain, I am using this guy. Its a no brainer, especially when baby number two rolls around, I'll be ready! The bassinet was also super convenient for those first few months. Anything that makes a sleeping baby mobile is worth the money. I got the blue color, since all the strollers I see are always black. I thought I'd switch it up. The blue is soooo pretty in person. Overall VERY pleased.


Vancouver, WA


Beyond Sleek


Hands down the best stroller out there!! Having gone through 4 different strollers previously, it was starting to feel hopeless to find a reliable and perfect stroller until we received the Thule Sleek. The packaging was simple and assembly instructions were easy to follow. All in all, it took less than 5 minutes to assemble! The opening flap on the seat shade really helps with ventilation on hot days and it's great to have so many different positions for the shade. You can easily navigate with one hand and turn the stroller with little effort. Opening and collapsing the stroller is also super easy. We are loving the spacious zippered storage at the bottom which you can keep closed or can keep the flap open for easy access. We also received a sibling seat, which has been fantastic! No need for a double wide stroller or two strollers. My 15 mo old and 4 yr old can both sit comfortably at the same time together. Whether we are on a walk in the neighborhood, at the park or zoo, or anywhere else, no more taking turns!! The shoulder straps and seat belt are convenient to adjust quickly. Even with both kids seated, it is still easy to push and turn the stroller smoothly. The materials used are solid and the overall design keeps the stroller from feeling bulky. Thank you for creating such a fantastic product. We are eyeing some of the accessories now. We highly recommend the Thule Sleek! Go for it--you won't regret it!


Georgia, USA


Yes! Thule has done it with their Sleek Stroller!


I tend to be frugal, but when it comes to purchasing a product that is good for my baby and makes my life easier, I loosen the purse strings. Ok, not really – the Sleek was a gift. However, my experience has set quite the precedent in terms of what I consider a reasonable expenditure on a stroller. If I knew then what I know now, I would have purchased this product. I'm also mechanically challenged, but I assembled this stroller in minutes! It's like the iPhone of strollers – User. Friendly. A huge plus when you've got a restless child eagerly waiting to hit the park. Another advantage is how simple it is to fold down. I think most moms will agree that nothing is simple about folding down a stroller in a parking lot, with a child, 7 bags of groceries, and an impatient driver awaiting your spot. Circumstances aside, this stroller DOES fold down super simple, AND in a way to where nothing flies out! Which is great, bc I rarely have a ready to go diaper bag handy. Praise the zipper enclosed covered carrier underneath! I can toss items in without worrying about anything falling out. Often forgotten is sun screen, so another pro is the extendable canopy/sun guard. The seats are reversible too, so I can keep him parent or forward-facing depending on where the sun is shining. Saving the best for last. The gift giver planned for my growing family, and included a second seat, bassinet and glider board. My sister and I use it when we go out together with her kids! One stroller, all kids accounted for. We've used it several times and LOVE it. The maneuverability is great with one and two/Fair with three. It has great suspension and the wheels seem to make for a nice ride. Definitely, a smooth push. If you're thinking about investing in a quality product, I highly recommend this stroller. You won't regret it. We have a cargo carrier & roof rack, that have stood the test of time, so I have no doubt that this stroller will, too.




Thule Sleek

4.9 16