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Thule Urban Glide Mesh Cover

Cubierta de malla protectora para la carriola Thule.



  • Ajuste personalizado para una máxima protección
  • Reduce la exposición a los dañinos rayos del sol
  • Protege a su hijo del sol, el viento y los insectos

Especificaciones técnicas

Número del modelo 20110715



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I was misled, but I can make it work. Not ideal.


This item does not work with other accessories including necessity (in my opinion) accessories like the cup/phone holder. I consulted the website for info specifically asking if this interfered with the "check on baby window" and was told no. I consider this one of the main benefits of this stroller. Yet the item arrives and sure enough it makes this feature null and void. I also viewed the 360 accessory tool as instructed by the company prior to purchase however it did not include all accessories for comparison. I assumed it would include all possible issues, however I was wrong. You have to remove the phone/cup holder to attach it as intended based on straps provided (which I and most people I would assume keep on nonstop) The stroller should've come with a cup/phone holder in the first place. To attach the mesh cover properly you must remove this, which is a deal breaker for me. However, unlike the rain cover this is not a slippery material so it doesn't constantly slide down. I can rig it to mostly stay in place, however I have to adjust here and there and move manually to try and check on baby with the "check on baby stroller window." To add insult to injury I wrote the company and no one responded. Well I got a response that says "we had issues and hope your question was answered". Which it wasn't. I was hoping I was missing something, but I had several friends try and this is just how this cover is. Waste of money for expensive accessories. I do not think they were thought through or made to work with my specific stroller features. For approximately $15 USD you can buy a run of the mill mesh cover and wrap around the entire stroller. This is easier than dealing with bending down to attach the velcro each time behind the front wheel (otherwise when you pack up the stroller the cover drags on the ground and gets dirty.)

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Thule Urban Glide Mesh Cover

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