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Asiento de niño para bici

Thule Yepp Maxi

Asiento de bicicleta para niños inteligente y funcional con un diseño ideal para viajes cotidianos.



  • Montaje sencillo del asiento infantil en el marco de la bicicleta
  • El niño se sentirá cómodo en un asiento suave que absorbe impactos
  • Comodidad máxima para el niño y un ajuste seguro y personalizado gracias al arnés acolchado ajustable de 5 puntos
  • La hebilla de seguridad a prueba de niños asegura al niño de manera rápida y fácil
  • Visibilidad adicional gracias al reflector incorporado y el punto de fijación para luz de seguridad
  • Las correas para pies y los posapiés ajustables garantizan un ajuste perfecto a medida que el niño crece
  • Fácil de limpiar y mantener seco gracias a los materiales impermeables de los asientos
  • Diseñado y probado para niños de 9 meses* a 6 años de edad, de hasta 48,5 lbs/22 kg. *Consulte con un pediatra para niños menores de un año.

Especificaciones técnicas

Capacidad de peso 48.5 lb
Peso 10 lb
Arnés de seguridad 5 puntos
Cumple con las normas de seguridad
Color Orange
Número del modelo 12020234



Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule se dedica a proporcionar productos excepcionales de calidad probada y garantizados contra defectos en materiales y mano de obra.

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Accesorios para Thule Yepp Maxi


NOT Yepp Maxi Easyfit - can't be used on rack


Great seat, but two issues any potential buyer should be aware of: - Not all bikes can handle the frame mount. Make sure your bike works with this before buying! (You'll probably need to use the rack-mounted Yepp Maxi Easyfit in that case. - Since it's not clear on the site, this is not interchangeable with the Yepp Maxi Easyfit, which is the exact same seat but with a different base, which is meant for bike racks. - It is difficult on many/most bikes to have both the Yepp Maxi frame adapter and a bike rack. Unless you check ahead of time with your bike, you should assume that you can't use the frame-mount Yepp Maxi and a rear bike rack at the same time.




Sturdy Construction Worth it's Price Tag


We love how sturdy the materials making up this seat are. The heavy duty bracket design is awesome and not springy like some other seats. The quick release bracket once inserted does not allow any play therefore no swaying side to side while riding. Some assembly involved but wasn't difficult. Instructions could be better but videos help. Harness clasp a bit awkward to undo. Very comfortable padding made our little one happy even on bumpy trails. I have used cheaper seats in the past but don't regret dishing out more $$ for the Yepp.


NB Canada


Pretty great but could be better


We've been taking our kids in this seat around town and it's increased our opportunity to bike everywhere. Unfortunately, it's so comfortable that my son often falls asleep in it and falls forward. A chest strap would make this much safer so that only his head would flop around rather than his entire torso as the straps start to slip when they lean forward


Portland, OR


Thule Yepp Maxi

4.0 3