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Thule Allax

Designed to protect both dogs and people

The Thule Allax dog crate is the perfect choice for safe and comfortable car rides with your four-legged friend. Designed for real-world situations, it is thoroughly crash tested and has an innovative crumple zone that provides superior protection for both passengers and your dog.

Reliable and easy to use

Thule Allax is available in ten different sizes in order to optimize space in the car and find the perfect fit for your dog to stand up and turn around while in transit. For a simplified user experience, the car selector function on Thule.com allows dog owners to find the perfect fit for their car. For added convenience, the crate also has a window and openings, making it easy for you to check on your furry friend at any time.

Thoughtful design, premium quality

Dog owners will appreciate the crate’s long-lasting materials and the thoughtful design details, like the door that opens and shuts smoothly and the built-in lock for added security. It is this meticulous attention to detail that ensures the crate does not rattle while you drive and provides an overall premium look and feel.

Thule Allax will be released in January 2024.

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Three reasons you’ll love this new dog crate

Thule Allax

Safe and reliable

Thule Allax offers advanced protection and comfort for your dog. It is crash tested from the front, and the rear, and in a roll-over scenario. It has an innovative crumple zone and an escape hatch - all to make sure you and your dog have a comfortable and safe ride.
Thule Allax

Fits your car - and your dog

Available in ten different sizes and adjustable depth, there is a Thule Allax dog crate that fits your car and your dog perfectly.
Thule Allax

For an active life together

Easy to use, this premium dog crate has a gas dampered door for a smooth opening and closing, a built-in lock and great accessories to complete the experience.
At Thule, it is important that our products are designed for the real world. That is why the dog crate has been thoroughly crash-tested in real-life scenarios, like frontal and rear-end crash tests. Also, the innovative ‘crumple zone’ is a design feature that is unique to Thule dog crates. In the case of a rear-end collision, the crumple zone allows the crate to be compressed in a controlled way to minimize the risk of injury for passengers in the backseat, while also ensuring that your dog stays safe.
- Louise Melin, Product Manager at Thule