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It's that time of the year! Check out our gift guide to find a special gift for that special someone. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for the wintersport loverthe hiker, the cyclist, the outdoor lover, the traveler - or for active friends and families!
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933100_EasyFoldXT_2b_A02_InUse_OC 934100_EasyFoldXT_3b_A02_InUse_OC

Thule EasyFold XT

2-bike platform towbar bike rack black/aluminium

£700.00 700 GBP
  • Compact and fully foldable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Fits most bikes and ebikes

Thule Portage

canoe rack black

£125.00 125 GBP
  • Easy loading
  • Protective padded base
  • Durable load straps
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Thule TopRide

roof bike rack fork mount black

£200.00 200 GBP
  • Fits almost any road or gravel bike
  • Quick and easy loading
  • Premium design
Red Dot Design Award for Thule Product
11000001_11000011_Sleek_GreyMelange_ISO 11000002_11000012_Sleek_MidnightBlack_ISO 11000005_11000013_Sleek_NavyBlue_ISO

Thule Sleek

city stroller aluminium/gray melange

£799.99 799.99 GBP
  • Easy to handle – door pass through 60.5 cm
  • Comfort for baby on city strolls
  • Simple, compact fold with auto lock

Thule Foothill

2-person roof top tent agave green

£1,899.00 1899 GBP
  • Frees up space on your roof for bikes, kayaks or gear
  • Skylights and panoramic windows
  • Folds compactly but is still spacious
RW Top Pick - Thule Chariot Cross
10202023_Slider_1_Cross2_MajolicaBlue_Hero 10202021_Slider_1_Cross1_MajolicaBlue_Hero

Thule Chariot Cross

2-seat multisport bike trailer majolica blue

£1,100.00 1100 GBP
  • For active parents
  • Ready for biking and strolling
  • Reclining seat for comfort
3-Thule Hullaport Aero WLOC

Thule Hull-a-Port Aero

kayak rack foldable j-style black

£280.00 280 GBP
  • Protects the kayak
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-theft design
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Thule Clamp Edge

foot for vehicles 4-pack black

£160.00 160 GBP
  • Easy-to-install roof rack feet
  • For vehicles without pre-existing roof rack attachment points
  • For Thule Edge roof rack systems
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Thule DockGlide

kayak rack horizontal black

£193.00 193 GBP
  • Easy one-person loading
  • Fits all hull shapes
  • Protects the kayak hull
£100.00 100 GBP
  • For infants 1–10 months old
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Lateral support and stability

Thule Board Shuttle

surfboard and SUP rack black

£207.00 207 GBP
  • Carries up to 2 SUPs
  • Custom fit for board
  • Padded protection
Thule_Paramount_Commuter_BP_TPCB118_Black_1_Iso Thule_Paramount_Commuter_BP_TPCB118_Olivine_1_Iso Thule_Paramount_Commuter_BP_TPCB127_Black_1_Iso Thule_Paramount_Commuter_BP_TPCB127_Olivine_1_Iso

Thule Paramount

commuter backpack 18L black

£105.00 105 GBP
  • For every day use
  • Capacity can be expanded up to 50%
  • Durable materials for weather protection
  • Access phone easily on the go
  • Streamlined design
  • Maximum comfort for bike riding
Thule_Rail_4L_TRHP204_DarkSlate_1_Iso_3204481 Thule_Rail_2L_TRHP202_DarkSlate_1_Iso_3204480 Thule_Rail_0L_TRHP200_DarkSlate_1_Iso_3204479

Thule Rail

hip pack 4L dark slate gray

£90.00 90 GBP
  • 1.5L reservoir and 4L cargo storage for 1-3 hour rides
  • Hose snaps in place automatically
  • Superior stability and breathable material
Red Dot Design Award for Thule Product
Thule_Vital_8L_Womens_Iso_3204159 Thule_Vital_3L_Womens_Iso_3204157 Thule_Vital_8L_TVHP108_Obsidian_Iso_3203641 Thule_Vital_8L_TVHP208_Black_1_Iso_3204154 Thule_Vital_8L_TVHP108_Moroccan_Iso_3203642 Thule_Vital_6L_TVHP106_Obsidian_Iso_3203639 Thule_Vital_6L_TVHP206_Black_1_Iso_3204152 Thule_Vital_6L_TVHP106_Moroccan_Iso_3203640 Thule_Vital_3L_TVHP103_Obsidian_Iso_3203637 Thule_Vital_3L_TVHP203_Black_1_Iso_3204150 Thule_Vital_3L_TVHP103_Moroccan_Iso_3203638

Thule Vital

women's hydration pack 8L alaska light blue

£125.00 125 GBP
  • Hose snaps in place automatically
  • Optimal weight distribution
  • 2.5L reservoir and 8L cargo storage for day-long rides
RennRad Kauftipp 3-2017 Thule RoundTrip Pro XT

Thule RoundTrip Pro XT

soft bike travel case black/cobolt blue

£546.00 546 GBP
  • Loads below the axle
  • Integrated bike assembly stand
  • Integrated wheels