Support pour vélos sur attelage

Thule EasyFold 2

Support pour vélos sur attelage entièrement repliable, compact et facile à utiliser. Idéal pour les vélos électriques (pour 2 vélos).



  • Grande capacité de chargement permettant le transport de vélos électriques et de vélos de montagne lourds
  • Rampe amovible pratique pour un chargement et un déchargement faciles des vélos
  • Installation facile des vélos grâce aux bras de vélos amovibles pour un positionnement optimal
  • Entièrement pliable pour un montage, une manipulation et un rangement faciles
  • Verrouillage complet et pratique : les vélos se verrouillent au support et le support à l’attelage grâce au câble antivol et au bouton de verrouillage intégrés
  • Installation sans outils grâce à la conception SnugTite qui offre une stabilité et une sécurité maximale (verrou compris)
  • Designed for e-bikes

Caractéristiques techniques

Nombre maximal de vélos 2
Capacité de chargement 60 kg
Poids maximal du vélo 30 kg
Dimensions 12 x 81 x 69 cm
Dimensions replié 33 x 84 x 41 cm
Poids 18.5 kg
Distance entre les vélos 22 cm
Compatible avec les cadres en carbone Adaptateur requis: Thule Carbon Frame Protector
Fonction d'inclinaison (avec les vélos)
Convient aux attelages de 1 ¼ po
Convient aux attelages de 2 po
Compatible avec le système One-Key
Verrou pour vélo compris
Verrou d’attelage compris
Numéro de modèle 9032
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Amazing design


This rack is a perfect fit for carrying our 2 electric bikes on the back of our RV. Easy to install and remove. Bikes can be loaded directly or rolled up the ramp. The design is amazing. Folds into a compact, relatively light weight package for storage when not on our RV, and is easy to re-assemble and place into hitch. Bikes are very securely fixed to rack by wheels and frames and the hitch and the frame holders lock with the same key. We're very happy with this rack and would definitely recommend it to others.


La Jolla, CA, USA


Incredibly Inferior "ramps"


The rack is very sturdy and I use it for 2 electric bikes with a total weight of about 110 pounds. The bikes are too heavy to easily hoist onto the rack so the ramp seemed like a good solution. But the ramp is so cheaply made that it bent out of shape the first time I used it. Thule should design a sturdy ramp for this rack and replace the junk that came with this one; the current cheap rack defeats the purpose of buying this expensive rack that ostensibly is meant for 2 heavy bikes. Also, the rack does not fold upwards and must protrude from the vehicle even when there are no bikes on it. It presents a 'target' for other vehicles when the car is parked in a lot.


Newport Beach, CA


Poorly deigned ramp.


the carrier is by itself is great for the electric bikes we bought tin June 2017 and I would give it 5 stars. However we selected this particular model because it was hitch mounted for a car and it came with a ramp. (it came in two pieces that slid over each other to extend or or shorten the ramp. )This ramp proved to be a very flimsy product that wobbled when loading bikes and the aluminum prongs to hold the ramp to the carrier were easily bent out of shape. With a bad back I had to catch it midair as the bike came of the ramp. The bike is ZIp Vibe with 1.95 inch wide tires. Perhaps for lighter bikes than my Zip Vibe (about 55 lbs) and narrower tires it would be OK.


Lincoln, MA


Thule EasyFold 2

4.2 10


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