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Thule Cable Lock

Câble antivol de 1,8 m (6 pi) en acier tressé



  • Conçu pour faciliter le rangement
  • Le câble extensible peut être passé dans le siège de l’embarcation ou le cadre du vélo et fixé au support.
  • Comprend 1 verrou One-KeyMC.

Caractéristiques techniques

Numéro de modèle 538XT


Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule s’engage à fournir des produits exceptionnels qui ont fait l’objet de tests de qualité et qui sont garantis contre les défauts de matériaux et de fabrication.

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Cable lock


I use it to lock up my bicycles and leaf mulcher. I had to replace one I previously had purchased which failed to unlock. (See separate correspondence I sent in a letter on 19 Novembere to which I requsted a response).


Penn Yan, NY


Deceptively Thin


I'm a huge fan of Thule's 1-Key locking system. Between both our vehicles we have a combined 16 locks all running the same key. I figured this lock would be a great addition for a quick "coffee shop" or "grocery run" bike lock and would help keep our keychains as light as possible if we also bought the matching lock core. Unfortunately I would never trust this cable lock without it being combined with a hard U-lock. At the thickness of a standard size pencil, this lock would be snipped-off in no time. For now I'm keeping it in my car as a 3rd lock to toss onto the bike rack for when I go into the grocery store. At $55 + the cost of a lock core, it's extremely pricey for the quality you get. I'd love to see this lock re-made in a thicker version, or even a U-Lock from Thule that uses the 1-Key system.

Vince E

British Columbia


Better design then their old ones


Replaced original rubber mounts that wore out




Thule Cable Lock

3.5 4