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Thule 4200 wall awning 3.00x2.50m white
Thule 4200 wall awning 3.00x2.50m white
Thule 4200 wall awning 4.50x2.50m white
Thule 4200 wall awning 4.50x2.50m white
A motorhome is parked in the countryside with a Thule 4200 rv awning with a family running around it.
Thule 4200 wall awning 4.50x2.50m white
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Thule 4200

wall awning 2.60x2.00m white

New wall-mounted awning for your compact van

Thule awnings require a vehicle-specific adapter

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Thule 4200 Comp van cassette white
Sleek design to obtain the best integration on the vehicle through a new end cap shape
Thule 4200 Cassette white
The awning cassette is available in white, anodised or anthracite and is combined with the Mystic Grey fabric
Available in lengths from 2.60 m to 3.00m
Thule 4200 Comp van crank
A telescopic hand crank ensures an easy opening and closing of the awning
Sealing rubber with integrated drainage system to transport the rain water away automatically
Thule 4200 comp van sealing
An easy roller tube adjustment system assures a perfect closing of the cassette
Lightest box awning in the market: 17.5kg for a 2.60m awning
Thule 4200 comp van oval support legs
Smart innovation system - the oval support legs are released vertically from the lead rail to reduce the risk of damaging the vehicle
Thule 4200 awning Van support arms
Support arms that withstand higher loads when mounting smart panels, tents and hold down kits
Thule 4200 Comp van tentsion rafter
The optional Thule Tension Rafter is easy to install, ensures an optimal fabric tension and improves the wind resistance of the awning

Awning operating system


Retrofit motor

Integrated tension arms

Awning cassette colour



2.6 m


2 m


17.5 kg

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Promobil - Thule Best Awning Brand 2024

Promobil - Thule Best Awning Brand 2024


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