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  • NEW! Thule Motion 3 roof box, sleeker than ever
  • The original all-terrain stroller Thule Urban Glide 3 just got an upgrade
Two women stand next to a gray SUV with a gray Thule Motion 3 roofbox mounted to the roof and a lake in the background.

Thule Motion 3: The stylish and functional roof box, optimized for ease of use 

Designed for modern adventurers, Thule Motion 3 is a stylish and spacious roof box that combines a sleek, aerodynamic silhouette with robust functionality.

A roof box to relay on, in every season

Whether you're heading out for a family vacation, a roadtrip with your dog, or a skiing adventure, the Thule Motion 3 offers the perfect blend of space, efficiency, and style. With its improved aerodynamics and a wider range of sizes, including new low-profile options, the Thule Motion 3 ensures more fuel-efficient travels without compromising on storage capacity. Experience hassle-free exploration with quick-mount and easy-to-use features, complemented by a range of innovative accessories.

Car parked in residence
Car and people in urban area
Car parked on snow with person skiing
Car and people in snow landscape

Design meets functionality

Discover the fusion of modern design and practicality with the Thule Motion 3. Our newest roof box design has been modernized to enhance your journey and make it easier to use. With its clean lines and contemporary aesthetics, it doesn’t just store your gear – it complements your vehicle’s appearance. The enhanced functionality, including an intuitive locking mechanism and dual-side opening that can be operated with one hand, provides ease of use without sacrificing security or style.

This is why you’ll love Thule Motion 3

An image of a closed Thule Motion 3 roofbox mounted to the top of a vehicle.

Aerodynamic design for efficiency

Thule Motion 3 has an aerodynamic wing-shaped profile, engineered to reduce air resistance. This design enhances fuel efficiency, making it an environmentally sound and cost-effective choice.

An image of the Thule Motion 3 roofbox showing the interior with the lid lifted.

Intuitive and secure use

A new, sturdy lid design makes for a smooth opening and closing, while the innovative SlideLock system ensures that the lid is securely locked with an automatic click and an indicator that confirms when the box is properly closed.

An image of the Thule Motion 3 roofbox showing the interior with the lid lifted.

Accessories that amplify

The accessory line is as thoughtful as the box itself. Specialized bags and liners organize and protect, while practical lighting solutions mean no more searching in the dark. Each accessory complements the features of Thule Motion 3, enhancing the use of the cargo box.

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