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Thule Tension Rafter G2 roof tension rafter 3.00m anodised gray
A Thule Tension Rafter G2 connected to a gray awning attached to an RV.
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Thule Tension Rafter G2

wall tension rafter 2.00m anodised gray



2.00 m 2.50 m 2.75 m 3.00 m


Thule Omnistor 5200/4900/5003/5002 Thule Omnistor 6300/6200/6002
Reinforce your awning, even in high wind.
Ensures an optimal tensioned awning fabric for a better wind resistance
Very easy to install: open your awning, place the rafter into the awning and slightly roll-up the awning fabric until the rafter is blocked
The rafter is made from durable materials such as anodised aluminium profiles in combination with high impact plastics

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