A woman with a yoga mat kneels down by a stroller to tend to her baby in a Thule footmuff.

Stroller accessories – make it truly yours

Make your Thule stroller the perfect match for your needs! With our stroller accessories, you can be mobile with our car seat adapters and keep your child comfortable with seat liners and a protective stroller rain cover. Organize your life with a changing bag and make room for two kids with a bassinet or a sibling seat.

Stroller accessories


Thule Shine Bassinet

bassinet black

229,95 € 229.95 EUR
  • Ideal for newborns
  • Easy click-in installation
  • Includes mattress and bassinet apron

Thule Newborn Inlay

newborn inlay soft gray

69,95 € 69.95 EUR
  • Ideal for newborns up until 6 months
  • Easy installation to create a cozy lay flat surface
  • Includes soft head rest pillow

Thule Newborn Nest

newborn nest black

129,95 € 129.95 EUR
  • Ideal for newborns up until 6 months
  • Easy installation to create a cozy lay flat surface
  • For extra warmth and comfort

Thule Changing Backpack

changing backpack black

149,95 € 149.95 EUR
  • Smart organization and removable pod for necessities
  • Space for everything you need and more
  • Includes changing mat and soil bag

Thule Rider Board

rider board black

119,95 € 119.95 EUR
  • Large and stable board for a comfortable ride
  • Easy to attach to your stroller
  • Large 5" puncture free wheel for smooth ride

Thule Stroller Travel Bag

stroller travel bag black

79,95 € 79.95 EUR
  • Folds to a compact size
  • Protects the stroller
  • Compatible with Thule Shine and Thule Spring

Thule Shine All Weather Cover

all weather cover black

69,95 € 69.95 EUR
  • Combined rain and mesh cover in one
  • Compatible with Thule Shine stroller and bassinet
  • Openings on both side for easy access to child
A couple walk with their baby down a cobbled city street using stroller accessories.

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Enjoy your time together and share your passion with your kids. A Thule city stroller is perfect for getting around comfortably while a jogging stroller lets you workout in style. From baby to toddler, with siblings or twins – there is a Thule stroller for you.

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A woman hands a piece of apple to a child sitting in a stroller with one of the stroller accessories.

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Discover the world, one step at the time. Take your child on a walk around town – always in comfort with a soft seatliner. And if the weather turns grey, just put on a rain cover and keep going! Life gets easier and more practical with stroller accessories - check out our car seat adapters and diaper bags!