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Motorhome tents

A Thule motorhome tent is installed on a Thule awning to give you a great outdoor living space on your travels. Find the perfect tent for long or short stays.


Sorry, there are currently no recommended products that match your vehicle details.

We couldn't find a solution for your vehicle because either:

  • There is no safe place to mount a rack to the roof or truck bed of your vehicle.

  • Your vehicle is new to the market and we are working on a solution. Please check back in 4-6 weeks as we may have an update at that time.

  • Thule no longer produces the fit kit for your vehicle.

Thule Panorama

Thule Panorama

Easy-to-mount awning tent that provides stunning views and ventilated comfort.
Thule QuickFit 3.10 m (Medium)Thule QuickFit 3.60 m (Medium)Thule QuickFit 2.60 m (Large)Thule QuickFit 3.10 m (Large)Thule QuickFit 3.60 m (Large)Thule QuickFit 2.60 m (X-Large)Thule QuickFit 3.10 m (X-Large)Thule QuickFit 3.60 m (X-Large)Thule QuickFit 2.60 m (Medium)

Thule QuickFit

Universal and compact awning tent with an ultra-fast set up.


Thule Mosquito

Thule Mosquito

Zippable mosquito screen to keep dirt and vermin out of your tent.
Thule Side Tensioning Kit

Thule Side Tensioning Kit

Set of 2 fiberglass poles to ensure a better connection of a Thule tent with the wall of the vehicle.
Thule Front Connection Profiles

Thule Front Connection Profiles

Double-shaped connection profiles to slide in the integrated rope attached at the front panel of the Thule Residence G3 awning tent.
Thule Projection Kit

Thule Projection Kit

8 extension straps to mount a Thule awning tent on awnings with projection 2.75-3.00m.

Versatility to suit your needs

Easier and faster to install than a traditional tent, a Thule motorhome tent fits on a Thule awning to give you exciting new possibilities on the road. There are a variety of solutions to suit the length of your travels and your own style – the awning can easily be used separately without an awning tent, and you can also customise the space under your awning to your needs.

Stability and security

Depending on the awning tent type, Thule uses different durable high-quality fabric materials: Airtex, PVC or Ripstop that provide wind and water tightness. And just to be absolutely sure, all Thule awning tents are tested in various weather conditions to guarantee optimal stability and security.

Innovative, attractive design

Each Thule motorhome awning tent has a contemporary design in line with the awning. Thanks to the black, white, grey and silver neutral colours, it suits all awning fabrics. Large windows create maximum light and an extra feeling of spaciousness. The airiness is reinforced by permanent ventilation openings that also reduce condensation.

Modularity and flexibility

The motorhome awning tent can be installed completely, but thanks to the clever design, most of the panels are unzippable and removable to let you create door openings on different sides. You can also roll up the panels easily and separately, and use them as sun or rain blockers to protect you from the weather.