The best in Urban x Outdoor design 2024

In 2024, we’ll be updating some of our most popular design icons and pushing the envelope with completely new innovations. We’ve been using our premium, adventure design to develop products that can take on the big city and the great outdoors. We sent the best of our new products down the catwalk, modeled by none other than fifty of our Thule ambassadors – athletes and adventurers from around the world – who you can read more about below.

So here are the products that will define the best of our Urban x Outdoor adventure design in 2024.

Here are some of the products that stole the show

A woman unfolding a Thule Outset towbar mounted tent on a fashion runway with a crowd of people looking at her.

Thule Outset towbar tent

When our Thule Outset tent was first shown to the public at the Caravan Salon trade show, it’s fair to say that it went viral. After just a week, a video of the tent circulating online had racked up over 20 million views. But as the first towbar-mounted tent on the market, all the buzz makes a lot of sense. Simply wheel it to your car, attach it to the towbar, and you’re ready to camp! 

Thule Approach rooftop tent

Rooftop tents offer a whole new way to experience the outdoors, but Thule Approach brings a whole new way to experience rooftop tents. With the innovative outward-angled walls, this tent is more spacious than most rooftop tents. The unique mounting brackets also make it possible to attach to your roof racks in mere seconds! 

A white jeep parked in an exhibition hall with a an unfolded Thule Approach rooftop tent and three bicycles on the back.
A white Volvo XC40 with an unfolded Thule Approach rooftop tent parked in a large exhibition hall. There are metal stairs leading to the open rooftop tent and people standing behind the car.

Thule Urban Glide 3 all-terrain stroller

Speaking of icons, the original all-terrain stroller Thule Urban Glide is another Thule classic to be refreshed in 2024. This stroller officially sits at The National Museum in Stockholm as an example of outstanding Swedish industrial design. But you can still always do better, right? 

Active with kids
A woman walking down a fashion runway with a Thule Urban Glide 3 stroller in mid-blue.

Car seats by Thule

Showcased together with our new Thule Urban Glide 3 strollers was another exciting new product category. This is our new modular car seat system complete with the Thule Alfi infant seat, Thule Maple toddler seat, and the Thule Elm ISOFIX base. Super easy to install, simply dock the seat into the base, lock it, and you’re ready to go. For the optimal safety of your children, our car seats have been tested in our world-class crash test facility. 

A big white screen with the words “Secure. Simple. Serene.” written on it. In front of it are four white columns with Thule Alfi car seat base, Thule Maple infant car seat, Thule Elm toddler car seat and a stroller.

Thule Chariot 3 bike trailer

Our bike trailers are the perfect companion for all your adventures. Fit for commuting or weekend adventures, whether that includes strolling, biking, jogging, or even long-distance skiing. But now we’ve made the best even better. This latest generation of Thule Chariot bike trailers have sleek integrated LED lighting, powerful disc brakes, and 180-degree wheel rotation that turns the bike trailer into a stroller in just seconds. We’re stoked to bring this new line to consumers in 2024. 

A woman wearing all black clothes riding a bicycle down a fashion runway with a Thule Chariot 3 bike trailer attached to the back. Behind her is another person blurred and also riding a bicycle down the same fashion runway.
A group of children and toddlers walking down a fashion runway holding big white balloons with text on them. Behind them is a big screen with a  blue sky and clouds and a group of people watch the screen.
It’s finally official: we love dogs!
A white mini-van with an open car trunk and side sliding door. A woman  is standing by the trunk with a Thule Allax dog crate behind her on a  small and low white table.

A safe way to transport your four-legged friend

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve always loved dogs. You’ve been using our products to bring them along, and we’ve included them in photoshoots and posted them on our social media feeds. But with our first two products launched in the dog category, it’s finally official. 

Thule Allax dog crate

Our new dog crate marks the entrance into a new category for us. But when you think about it, it makes total sense. With a state-of-the-art crash test facility, we’ve been able to rigorously test this crate to make sure that it will protect both the passengers and your dog.

A white bicycle parked on a white platform in an exhibition hall with a Thule Bexey dog bike trailer in dark green and black colors attached to the back of it. The bike trailer has a red flag on it and the bicycle also has two Thule Shield Pannier bags on the back side.

Thule Bexey dog bike trailer

Of course, people aren’t just bringing dogs in their cars, they’re using bikes, too! Our bike trailers for kids are some of the most popular, premium bike trailers on the market. So we decided, why not also make some of the best bike trailers for dogs? The spacious interior and padded floor are comfortable for dogs and the low back entry makes it easy for them to get in and out. Your furry friend is sure to love this new home away from home. 

Bringing your skis since the 1970s
A white vintage Porsche 911 is parked in an exhibition hall with a vintage Thule roof box mounted
A white Polestar 2 parked in a large exhibition hall with a Thule Motion 3 roof box in a dark grey color on top of it. There are other white cars parked behind and next to this one.

We’ve been bringing your skis since the 70s

In 1977, we launched the Thule TB11, our first ski box. At the time, the ambassador who partnered with us was none other than Ingemar Stenmark, the world's greatest alpine skier of all time. So, who better to join us at on the catwalk to present the latest version of our newest ski box than the legend himself? 

Thule Motion 3 roof box

A ski box is a ski box, right? Not quite. We’ve fine-tuned this latest generation of our Thule Motion ski box to further optimize aerodynamics. We’ve also improved the premium feel of the lid, making it smoother to open and close. Of course, these features are paired with the spacious interior and sleek silhouette that made the original roof box so popular.  

A white Polestar 2 parked in a large exhibition hall with a Thule Motion 3 roof box in a dark grey color on top of it. There are other white cars parked behind and next to this one.

Solutions for the back of your car: Thule Arcos and Thule Onto

These two cargo boxes sit on your towbar or hitch receiver, making it easier to load with gear at a low height and free up space on your roof for other carriers. That’s not all, rear-of-car solutions optimize your vehicle for aerodynamics and improve fuel efficiency. Our internal tests show that Thule Arcos leads to little or no impact on the range of your car at all! 

A white Polestar 2 parked in an exhibition hall with a Thule Arcos cargo box mounted on the tow bar together with a bicycle. Inside the cargo box are several Thule Chasm bags in olivine green color.

Thule Caprock

Silently hard at work on the catwalk was Thule Caprock, our new roof platform that makes rugged adventures possible. Load the platform like a roof rack or attach it to your existing roof rack. The modular design means you can attach accessories large and small, or convert it into a roof basket with the help of additional accessories. 

A white Grenadier  is rolling down the runway at a fashion show  with a Thule Approach roof top tent mounted on top
Luggage that stands the test of time

Thule Chasm luggage collection

From winter sports to camping to hitting the gym, the Thule Chasm collection includes a versatile array of bags and size options that support the active lifestyle. Every bag in this latest version is now made with 100% recycled fabrics and available in earth-tone colors suitable to all kinds of environments. 

Thule Subterra 2

The updated Thule Subterra luggage collection has the same boldly simple aesthetic as the original but with new bag styles and even more functionality. The iconic fabric now comes in two strikingly iridescent new colors while the addition of totes, sling bags, and crossbodies helps you find the perfect travel setup.

A woman with long brown hair walking down a fashion runway with a Thule Subterra 2 cross-body bag and rolling suitcase. Behind her is another woman walking down the runway and on the side is a crowd of people looking at them.
A medium dark-skinned woman in all black clothes walking down a fashion runway rolling a Thule Subterra 2 suitcase and wearing a small crossbody bag. Behind her is a woman with long blonde hair and another blurred person walking  down the same runway.

Thule Aion

Thule Aion will take you seamlessly from trips out in nature to an active day in town. We are big fans of the rugged waxed canvas fabric that develops a patina as your adventures add up. Complete with backpacks, a sling, and a carry-on spinner – this luggage collection perfectly embodies urban and outdoor adventure design.

A man crouching down, looking to the side with a beige beanie and all black clothes. He has a Thule Aion bag in black in front of him and a big professional video camera with a microphone on top of it.

We’re proud to call them our ambassadors

All those confident, smiling people who walked the catwalk? They’re not just models. They’re also our crew of Thule ambassadors. Athletes, adventurers, and other inspiring people we work with from around the world. See someone you recognize? Check out all our ambassadors here.

A big group of people all dressed in black looking happy walking down a fashion runway holding various Thule bags. Behind them is a text on the screen that says “Bring your life”.

Matches made in heaven

We’re proud to partner with brands like Subaru, Volvo, Polestar, Porsche, and Grenadier to showcase our products. Their quest to constantly challenge the status quo and develop sustainable solutions for the future perfectly aligns with our goals here at Thule. 

We were also proud to dress our athletes in clothes from Pas Normal Studios, a Copenhagen-based company providing contemporary, technical cycling clothing. Their goal of redefining modern cycling and incorporating sustainability into their designs truly inspires us. 

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