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Thule Omnistor 9200 roof awning 6.00x3.00m anodised gray
Thule Omnistor 9200 roof awning 6.00x3.00m anodised gray
Thule Omnistor 9200 roof awning 6.00x3.00m cream beige
A family play football next to a motorhome with a Thule Omnistor 9200 RV awning on a cloudy day.
A line of motorhomes parked in the countryside with Thule Omnistor 9200 RV awnings.
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Thule Omnistor 9200

roof awning 5.50x3.00m anodised gray

The perfect roof awning for extra large vehicles.

Thule awnings require a vehicle-specific adapter

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The 220VAC motor with remote control allows to open the awning without any effort. Settings are programmed digitally so that the frame always closes correctly. A safety device has been created to operate the awning in case of electricity failure. The motor is retrofit, it can be installed later
Large projection
The biggest awning on the market with a maximum length of 6m by 3m projection
Thule Omnistor 9200
Perfectly integrates with any vehicle design. It is especially convenient for large vehicles and has been designed for more aerodynamic combined with an anti-rattling device
Space has been created for Thule LED lighting, so the vehicle can have light on the outside even when the awning is closed
By setting the angle as you please, the awning can be opened and closed even when the sliding door of your van is open
Integrated tension arms
Sturdy spring arms ensure the awning fabric is perfectly tensioned. The spring arm, reinforced with a double steel cable, automatically deploys the tension rafter, to reinforce the awning’s stability and resistance

Awning operating system


Retrofit motor

Integrated tension arms

Awning cassette colour



5.5 m


3 m


53.6 kg

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Promobil - Thule Best Awning Brand 2024

Promobil - Thule Best Awning Brand 2024


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