By a waterfall, a woman looks up with a baby in one of the Thule baby carrier backpacks.

Baby hiking backpacks

A Thule baby backpack is the ideal child carrier. Safe and comfortable for both you and your little one, it lets you share a perfect day on the trail.


An image of the blue hiking baby carrier from the side and the front.

Share your active life with your child

There’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air with your kid and exploring nature together, especially on long hikes. A baby hiking backpack from Thule gives your child the best view along with a comfortable, secure ride. It’s comfortable for the parent with all the smart features and resilient materials you’d expect from a Thule hiking backpack. The back panel and hip belt are also quick and easy to adjust so you can walk great distances and comfortably share the load between parents without losing your rhythm.

What you can expect from a Thule hiking baby carrier:

  • Durable, secure protection for your little one
  • Comfortable ride for kids including a sunshade
  • Comfortable carrying thanks to smart features
  • Easy adjustment to suit different adults
A woman leans down in field of orange grass on a hike with her toddler in the hiking baby carrier.

Your child’s safety is assured

At Thule, safety is our number one concern – never more so than with the products we design for kids. To be absolutely certain of a safe and secure ride for your child, we test our baby hiking backpacks to the limit and beyond to make sure they’ll keep going strong for years to come. The design and the materials are punished, enduring extremes of heat, cold, water, and sunlight. All so that you and your child are free to enjoy your day on the trail.