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Best stroller for my lifestyle

What is the best stroller for your lifestyle? How to pick the right one?
Let’s dig a little deeper into your life and your personality!


City stroller – best stroller for an active city life

You are on the go – all the time! You enjoy the city and all the possibilities you have there. It’s so easy to do things with your child! The museums, the shops, the playgrounds… it’s all there. You like to meet up with friends and stroll the city streets. If the weather is nice, you go to the park – and if it’s chilly you love to warm yourself up with a coffee somewhere. Sure, it’s crowded sometimes, and your living space is limited - but it’s a great place to be!

What’s important for your lifestyle?
• A lightweight city stroller that is easy to get around with
• Foldable – the best stroller for you is easy to carry around and store
• Great stroller accessories that make the stroller just right for you

The perfect Thule city stroller for you: Thule Spring, Thule Sleek


All-terrain stroller – for an active everyday life

You like it outdoors. A lot. In fact, just thinking about sitting inside for a whole day makes you put on your shoes and step out. Sure, you like to explore the city – but you LOVE going on outdoor adventures. For an hour, a day or for an entire vacation. And the best thing about it? To bring your child and experience it together. Morning errands, day trips and evening jogs. You do it all. And you need an all terrain stroller that keeps up with your active life.

What’s important for your lifestyle?
• A stroller with sleek, lightweight design for all terrain
• A swivelling front wheel that locks into place when running 
• Large cargo basket that gives you plenty of room to bring everything you need 

The best Thule stroller for you: Thule Urban Glide 2


Jogging stroller - the best stroller for runners

You like to run. It’s who you are. One day, you started running, and you never really wanted to stop. Sure, you need to work, to sleep, to eat… and do all the other things that fill your everyday life. But you feel alive when you get to stretch your legs, when the miles fly by, and you get to exercise your body. You love it – and you love (or need) to bring your child along for the ride. 

What’s important for your lifestyle?
• You need a stroller that is designed for running – from top to bottom
• Look for aerodynamic, lightweight design with large rear wheels, fixed front wheel, and room for your kick stride.
• Your child needs comfort: suspension for a smooth ride and a padded, reclining seat

The best Thule stroller for you: Thule Glide 2


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