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A mountain biker with his hydration pack Thule Rail Hip Pack rides his mtb bike in a forest.

19 Awesome gifts for cyclists in 2022 (according to the pros!)

Have a cyclist in your life but no clue what to get them? Take it from the pros: here are 19 awesome gifts for cyclists.

If you’re looking for gifts for cyclists, you’re in the right place.

No matter whether the lucky cyclist in your life is a mountain biker, road cyclist, or bike commuter, we’ve got you covered.

At Thule we develop products that are designed with the cyclist in mind. Our friends at Thule include world-renowned professional freeride mountain biker Martin Söderström and Jenny Rissveds, Olympic gold medalist in cross country mountain biking.

In this article we cover:

The best gifts for cyclists according to the pros

“I would give the Thule Rail 12L backpack as a gift for a cyclist. It’s so easy to bring the stuff you need when you are going out riding and it is so comfortable on the body. The hydration hose is really easy to use and snaps back into place when you’re not using it.”

Ida Jansson
Professional XC mountain biker

“I would give the Thule Chasm 70L duffel. You can throw so much stuff in there, everything you need for riding and relaxing afterwards, which is great for bikers as we always carry a lot of gear around.”

Simon Johansson
Freeride mountain biker

“The perfect gift for a cyclist would be the Thule Rail Hip Pack 2L. It’s super and I use it a lot which means I don’t need to carry my phone in my pocket. You don’t need to be a mountain biker, any cyclist can use it!”

Johanna Küchler
Mountain biker

Gifts for road cyclists

A close-up of a cyclist lifting his bike onto a Thule fork mounted roof bike rack.

Fork-mounted roof bike racks

Fork-mounted roof bike racks

If you know someone who is a dedicated road biker, with a carbon fiber bicycle that they adore, a fork mount bike rack is the safest way for them to transport their bike.

These bike racks attach to the roof racks of your car and make zero contact with the frame of your bike.

Not only that, but the fork-mounted bike rack is an iconic, sporty style that is popular with most avid road cyclists. Any road biker would be proud to bring their favorite bike to new routes with this signature style.

Gifts for the electric bike or fatbike fanatic

A woman loads a bike onto the towbar bike rack Thule EasyFold of her car as a man bike past.

Rear mounted bike racks

Why they’re great gifts:

To transport a heavy ebike or fatbike you’ll need a bike rack that is up to the challenge. Rear mounted bike racks are heavy-duty and can transport several heavy bikes.

If your biker friend or family member is a big electric bike or fatbike fan, why not buy them a bike rack that can handle the weight?

These bike racks can carry lots of bikes, which is also perfect if the cyclist in question has a big family or lots of cyclist pals.

Thule rear bike racks are great because some of our models can fold up super compact. This makes them easy to store at home, or even put in the trunk of your car when you’re not using them.

Also, other models can be swung to the side, which means that even with the bikes fully loaded, you can still access all your things at the back.

A rear bike rack is one of those gifts that will be used for the rest of their lifetime. And that’s the best kind of present, right?

Gifts for mountain bikers

Thule mountain bikers speed down the trail with the Thule hydration pack Thule Rail Hip Pack.

Hydration packs

Why they’re a great gift:

Mountain bikers love to push themselves to the limits without anything holding them back. So you don’t want thirst or hunger slowing you down.

A hydration pack is a great way to stay hydrated on the trail without missing a beat. They also come with extra pockets for quick access to snacks on the go.

Thule hydration packs are designed specifically to reduce muscle strain and improve bike handling. All packs are constructed with a low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution so that you can bring all the water you need without being slowed down.

Also, if your hydration pack has a Thule Retrakt hydration hose then all you have to do is let go of the hose when you’re done drinking and it automatically snaps back into place.

If you still need convincing, hydration packs come in a range of styles, prize ranges and sizes, with different packs designed specifically to fit women, men, and kids.

Wheel-mounted roof bike racks

Why they’re a great gift:

Fork-mounted roof bike racks are super popular among cyclists. But if you’ve biked all day down a trail in the rain, you might not want to take off your muddy wheel and put it in the trunk of your car.

In that case, a wheel-mounted bike rack is the perfect way for mountain bikers to transport their beloved bikes.

You don’t have to take the front wheel off to use it, and the bike rack also makes zero contact with the bike frame. This means you won’t risk damaging the carbon fiber frame.

Not to mention, they’re also super easy to attach to the roof racks of your car, and make loading and unloading your bike super easy.

They also fit MTB fatbikes with the help of an adapter.

Gifts all cyclists will love

Two cyclists fix their bike with tools in a Thule RoundTrip bike gear bag.

Bike gear bag

Why they’re a great gift:

Any cycling enthusiast is bound to thank you for a super handy bike gear bag.

The Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel is a popular bag among cyclists. It has pockets designed specifically for all your cycling gear, whether it be coordinating kits, helmets, jackets, shoes, tools snacks – you name it!

Also, these bags have shoe compartments lined with tarpaulin which make them easy to clean afterwards. And the gear bag includes a specific pocket for all your sweaty clothes.

The strap can also be worn comfortably across your chest in a cross-body configuration so that you can carry it easily when walking or biking.

Almost all cyclists (but especially those who seem to always have their gear all over the place) will appreciate a gift like this.

Bike stand

Why they’re a great gift:

If your cyclist friend or family member is like most cyclists we know, they’re sure to have a bunch of different bikes that they love. Sometimes it can be a nuisance to know what to do with them.

For their sake (and yours!) a bike storage rack could be the answer. Store your bikes easily at home with a bike stand that accommodates different bike sizes and makes sure your bike’s frame is protected.

Bike panniers

Why they’re a great gift:

Bike panniers are bags that attach to the front or rear bike rack. They are great for all kinds of cycling adventures. Whether you’re heading out on a bike camping trip or a longer bike ride.

Thule Shield Panniers are also designed to be super easy to take on and off your bike. This is handy since you might need to remove them at the end of the day to stop them from getting stolen.

They’re also waterproof with a rolltop opening which means you can bike through the rain without having to worry about the things inside getting wet.

All in all, it’s the versatility of these bags that make them such a great gift. Even on a day of rest these panniers can come in handy to load shopping from the grocery store or bring things to work.

Bike travel cases

Why they’re a great gift:

One of the best ways to experience a new country is on two wheels. And if your cyclist friend has been down the same trails over and over, they might be ready to explore some new scenic spots.

Traveling with your bike is a lot simpler with a bike travel case. Bike travel cases can come with an integrated wheel, which makes it easy to glide around the airport.

Also, bike travel cases make sure to protect your bike, no matter how much it gets banged and bumped around the baggage carousel.

How do we know this? At Thule, we test all our products at the Thule Test Center to make sure they withstand the strain of travel. So you can be sure that your bike is in good hands during the trip.

Gifts for the bike commuter

Commuter backpacks

A close-up of a bike commuter with a Thule Paramount bike commuter backpack.

Why they’re great gifts:

What makes a bike commuter backpack different than most laptop backpacks you might ask?

Well, bike commuter backpacks are built with three major considerations in mind: the weather, visibility, and quick access on the go.

The weather because, well, when you’re on a bike there is no protection from the elements. Bike commuter backpacks are usually made from water-resistant or waterproof materials to protect them from the rain.

A roll-top opening also helps protect everything inside from rain or snow. A rain cover as an additional accessory can also help give the backpack the water protection that it needs.

When it comes to visibility, bike commuter backpacks either have a bike light loop for your bike light, or reflective elements that make you visible to cars in the dark.

And the easy-access pockets help bike commuters shove things in their backpack while on the go.

If you want to put a smile on the face of any bike commuter, give them a durable commuter bag that they can use every day for the rest of their cycling careers – we can guarantee they’ll thank you for it.

Commuter panniers

Why they’re great gifts:

What makes a commuter pannier different than the other panniers? Well, for one thing, commuter panniers like the Thule Shield Pannier 17L have a padded laptop sleeve, which is perfect if you’re heading to work or the library.

Like the other panniers, they are waterproof, which means you’re guaranteed to keep everything dry and in one piece.

Bike rack

Why they’re great gifts:

If your bike commuter friend has a bike but no rack, why not get them one as a gift? That way, you have lots of potential gift ideas for the future – like bike panniers or child bike seats that can attach to the bike rack. It’s always good to have some ideas in the bag for next year!

Bike racks like the Thule Tour Rack fit on almost all bikes and can take heavier loads than most bike racks on the market. They’re designed to protect the bicycle frame even if you pack them full of stuff. Also, they can fit at both the front and back of your bike, depending on what style you prefer.

Bike baskets

Why they’re great gifts:

Because you can put anything in a basket! Groceries, shopping, jackets, bike locks. A bike basket is one of those things that bike commuters rely on every day.

The Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Bike Basket is lightweight but can take heavy loads. You can attach it to the front or back of your bike and it fits practically all bike racks.

Gifts for cyclist dads and moms

A woman bikes by a brick building with the child bike trailer Thule Chariot Cross.

Child bike seats

Why they’re great gifts:

If the cyclist friend in question is a family-person, then why not get them some cycling family gear? That way, they can involve their kids in their favorite passion!

Front child bike seats can be used for kids from the age of 9 months to 3 years old (although you should consult with a pediatrician if you’re riding with a kid under 1 year). The rear child bike seats can be used for kids from age 9 months to 6 years.

Thule child bike seats are made of sturdy material and can adjust to the size of your child as they grow. They’re also easy to clean if your child makes a mess (which is inevitable!).

No matter whether the cyclist in your life uses their bike for commuting or longer journeys, a child bike seat is the perfect gift for both!

Bike seat accessories

Why they’re great gifts:

A child bike seat accessory can’t go amiss – especially if they’re cute!

If the cyclist in your life already has a child bike seat that they love, why not help them elevate their biking experience with a child bike seat accessory?

A rain cover protects the seat from getting wet and the windscreen stops rain, wind or insects from getting in your child’s face.

A soft handlebar accessory gives your child something soft to hold on to (and something cute to look at!).

Child bike trailers

Why they’re great gifts:

A child bike trailer is a memorable gift. Not only can it be used for loads of years to come, but its versatility makes it perfect for all kinds of parents.

For cyclists who go on long cycling journeys, the bike trailer lets them easily bring their kid along. The bike trailer is also great for commuting and bringing your kids to school.

Multisport trailers are also perfect for cyclist parents who love to do other activities as well. These bike trailers can double up for jogging or even skiing!

Kids can ride in the bike trailers from the age of 6 months until they weigh about 22kg/48lbs.

Bike trailer accessories

Why they’re great gifts:

If the cyclist in question already has a bike trailer, why not get them an accessory? (Bearing in mind that Thule bike trailer accessories are designed to fit Thule bike trailers).

It’s the perfect gift because you know that they’ve already invested in their bike trailer and probably use it all the time.

For particularly active people, why not help them turn their bike trailer into a multisport trailer? A Thule Chariot Cross-Country Skiing Kit lets you use your bike trailer to go skiing with your kids. A Thule Chariot Jogging Kit lets you jog with your child.

For more comfort on every bike trip, the Thule Chariot Infant Sling or Thule Chariot Baby Supporter lets you use the chariot with younger kids. The Thule Chariot Padding gives older kids more comfort and the Thule Footmuff keeps kids warm and cozy in the colder months.

Professional cycling gifts for people on a budget

A cyclist navigates with the help of his cellphone on a Thule smartphone bike mount.

Smartphone bike mount

Why they’re great gifts:

Because everyone needs a safe way to check their GPS!

For commuters, road cyclists or even mountain bikers, a smartphone bike mount is by far the safest way to check your phone quickly on the go.

Even if you’re on a budget, this is a biking accessory that the cyclist in your life is sure to appreciate!

Hip pack

Why they’re great gifts:

Bike hip packs are super nifty bags that let you access snacks, water, or other gadgets on the move.

Even if you’re looking for gifts on a budget, the Thule hip packs are durable and designed for professionals.

The interior pockets are super handy for organizing all sorts of accessories, tools or gadgets. The bike light loop ensures that you’re visible to cars even when it gets dark.

Electronics cases

Why they’re great gifts:

On bike journeys with lots of gear and gadgets, it’s super useful to have a way to organize everything. Especially if the biker in your life has a gear bag they’re obsessed with, why not help them organize the electronics inside there too?

Electronic cases have convenient little loops, compartments and pouches that help you keep all your cords and gadgets in one place.

These are gifts that are within budget, but are still durable, premium accessories that will last a lifetime. Isn’t that the perfect kind of gift?

Hopefully you’ve found something that will suit the biker in your life with this list of gifts for cyclists.

Even though it’s the thought that counts, it feels good to give a gift that you know they’ll use over and over again!

Athletes in this article

Simon Johansson is a Swedish freeride mountain biker who has been riding alongside other MTB greats, like Martin Söderström. Johansson shows off his slopestyle tricks in “The Old World”, a movie about Europe’s diverse bike culture. You can also check him out on Instagram.

Ida Jansson is a Swedish professional XC mountain biker who won the Junior XCO World Championship in 2016 and has been racing world cups since then. Check out what she’s up to on Instagram.

Johanna Küchler is a professional freeride mountain biker hailing from Sweden. She, among other things, shows off her skills in the Åre Video Challenge 2020, part of the yearly Åre Bike Festival. You can also check out her Instagram.


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