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Rooftop tents

For rugged overland adventures, look no further than a Thule soft-shell or hard-shell rooftop tent. These car top tents are built for any season, any condition, and mount easily on your vehicle's roof racks.
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Thule Foothill

2-person roof top tent agave green

A jeep is parked in the countryside with a Thule Approach rooftop tent on the roof.

How do rooftop tents work?

Read our rooftop tent guide for answers to all your questions

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Thule Basin

hard-shell rooftop tent black

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Thule Basin Wedge

hard-shell rooftop tent black

A  man sits inside his towbar tent that is attached to his vehicle parked next to the water.

Towbar-mounted car tent

Go for unforgettable adventures with this towbar-mounted car tent

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Two vehicles are parked near a cliff with soft and hard-shell roof top tents.

Soft-shell vs hard-shell rooftop tents

Figure out which style is best for your next adventure

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