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Thule Approach – the next level in rooftop tents

Thule Approach is a tent that makes adventure travel easier, more comfortable, and more fun. The car top tent maximizes interior space, giving you a great place to hang out in, as well as a comfortable night’s sleep. For an even more spacious experience, the tent is compatible with an annex or awning (sold separately). Made for rugged adventures off the beaten path, this rooftop tent is equally great for local explorations or weekend getaways with family and friends.

A person climbs the ladder of the Thule Approach Rooftop tent as the sun sets over a beach

Spacious, comfortable interior

The modern tent shape with an outward-angled entrance maximizes interior space, and the premium, dual-density mattress creates a luxurious camping experience.
A couple sits in a Thule Approach car top tent looking out of the panoramic windows

Panoramic skylights and windows for stargazing

The large windows offer optimal views of the stars above, bring you closer to nature, and keep your tent cool and well ventilated. Skylights on the rain cover let you look outside even during the worst weather.
A close up of someone locking the mounting brackets of the Thule Approach rooftop tent

Innovative mounting brackets

Innovative mounting brackets let you attach the tent to your car in minutes. The mounting hardware also locks the tent to your roof racks for added security.
Two jeeps with Thule Approach roof top tents in the mountains with a setting sun.

Protection from the elements

The removable rain cover provides 3 modes of protection – heavy rain, rain protection that lets you see out of the windows and skylights, or ready-to-deploy mode where the rain cover can easily be rolled out if it starts to rain.

Get the greatest view with a roof top tent 

With a tent like this, you can have the van-life experience or go for a weekend in the forest and still live comfortably. The tent maximizes interior space, giving you a great place to hang out in, as well as a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Two people sit in camping chairs under the awning of a jeep with a Thule Approach rooftop tent that is parked in the mountains.

Comfort close to nature

Thule Approach will elevate your next adventure, quite literally, since you’ll be sleeping high above the ground. The panoramic windows on the ceiling and walls will bring you closer to nature than you have ever been! Thoroughly tested for durability and longevity, Thule Approach is ready for your next trip, wherever you want to go.

Quick set up for easy getaways
Thule Approach is made for ease of use. Innovative mounting brackets allow you to install the tent on your roof in just minutes—half the time of traditional rooftop tents. The mounting brackets also lock the tent to your roof rack for added security. Once you arrive at your destination, the rooftop tent is quick to set up – from parked to deployed in under 3 minutes.

We gave the windows a lot of thought. They are huge, so you can get a good view of the stars above. You feel closer to nature, and they keep your tent cool and well ventilated. We even put skylights on the rain cover to let you look outside during the worst weather.
- Henrik Eriksson, Director of Design at Thule
Two people lie in sleeping bags in a Thule Approach rooftop tent looking at the view outside of the panoramic windows.
A woman climbs the ladder and enters her Thule Approach rooftop tent with a duffel bag

On top of the world, on the top of your car

With the new roof top tent Thule Approach, you will see your surroundings from a different perspective. In touch with nature, with a bird's-eye view 

A man walks with a warm drink in the background people set up camp around a Thule Approach car tent

On top of the world, on the top of your car

With the new roof top tent Thule Approach, you will see your surroundings from a different perspective. In touch with nature, with a bird's-eye view 

A vehicle driving down a snowy mountain road with a Thule Approach rooftop tent.
A woman sits in a Thule Approach rooftop tent looking down at a man.

Accessories that add to your experience

Comfort can be crucial - even on rugged adventures it's important to be comfortable. Take your experience to the next level with our wide range of rooftop tent accessories! Available in January 2023.

Thule Approach Annex doubles the living space of your rooftop tent
Two people stand with warm drinks next to their Thule Approach car top tent with an annex
Thule Approach Sheets - keep your tent clean and allow you to sleep like at home
A close up of the sheets inside the Thule Approach rooftop tent.
Thule Approach Awning - weather-proof your campsite
In the mountains a jeep is parked with a Thule Approch rooftop tent and a man sits under the awning
Thule Anti Condensation Mat provides ventilation to allow moisture to escape
A close up of the anti condensation mat inside the Thule Approach rooftop tent

Sure, it looks amazing. But the reason for that is that we wanted it to feel great to spend time inside the tent. It’s spacious, airy, bright – all the things you love but wouldn’t expect from a tent.
- Graham Jackson, Product Manager at Thule
A vehicle is parked in the mountains with a Thule Approach rooftop tent that a woman is setting up.
What is a rooftop tent and why you need one?
Rooftop tents elevate your camping experience. They are tents that mount onto your vehicle’s rack system and are an alternative to a ground tent, RV, or camper. They allow you to easily convert any vehicle – car, SUV, crossover, wagon, pickup truck, van, trailer - into a mobile basecamp that is always ready for adventure. Aside from the incredible views and comfy mattress, they also ensure you can sleep on a flat surface, and keep you up and away from sand, mud or critters. These tents are built to withstand all kinds of weather, perfect for overlanding or camping all year round.
How do rooftop tents work?

You travel to your favorite camping spot and open the rooftop tent, lower the ladder, and climb in! Thule Rooftop Tents are designed to fit most vehicle rack systems, and they are easy to install with secure mounting hardware.They can stay on your vehicle between adventures, or can be easily removed in between trips, or during the off-season

If you do not have a roof or truck rack system, finding the right solution is easy. Go to the roof rack category page and fill in your vehicle and roof rack details to get the right fit. Or, contact our customer service team.

How long does it take to open a rooftop tent?

Some roof top tent enthusiasts have been interested in this exact question. When timed, most rooftop tents can be opened and ready for use in about three to four minutes average. Opening up windows and setting up the rainfly rods can take an extra minute or two.

Hard-shell tents are usually quicker since you just have to unlatch the latches and the tent pops up, ready to use.

How do you keep your rooftop tent warm?
For the most part, car top tents are warmer than ground tents because their material is thicker. Not to mention the added benefit of a warm mattress, being up off the cold ground, and the insulation in the base that prevents heat from escaping.

Use a quilted insulator, this rooftop tent insulation is fitted to your tent and attaches to the internal frame for extra protection from the cold.
Why use a roof top tent with an annex?
Some rooftop tents are compatible with a detachable annex. This gives you more livable sheltered space for your kids or pets to sleep. to get dressed before heading out on a day of exploring, to set up your camp kitchen, or store your gear.
On a mountain a group of friends prepare their camp next to two jeeps with Thule Approach car roof tents on top